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Louver Windows

Louver windows allow great air flow through the room when open. You can adjust pitch of the louvers to allow the right amount of air in, you also have the option to close some blades and leave others open to get that perfect breeze throughout your home. When fully closed they seal tight to keep the weather out.  In summer you can open the top section of the window and let the hot air out. Great for high windows at the top of the wall.

Things about Louvers you may not know?

  • Louver windows can be fitted with flyscreens.
  • Louvers can open twice as wide as normal windows, great in the summer to maximise ventilation.
  • Louver Windows can be left open in gentle rain and the amount of breeze through the window can be precisely controlled.
  • Airflow can be directed up towards the ceiling and away from the people using the room, great for fresh air in winter. Open the bottom louvers, direct them up and keep the top ones closed so you don’t lose your heat.
  • Short on space but need ventilation, when open louvers don’t extend very far into the room, so you can easily walk past.
  • Want ventilation but not glass windows, the blades of louvers can be timber or aluminium
  • Cleaning is breeze with louvre windows. They can be cleaned from the inside of the building, huge advantage for two storey houses and apartment blocks.

What’s in a name?

Louver or Louvre

Louver spelt this way is American.
Whereas Louvre is English.
Of course the original word was French and spelt the same as the English.

No matter which way you spell it, the important thing is what it means in your home, a window blind or shutter with horizontal slats that can be angled to allow light and air into the room.

Louvers motorised or manually operated.

Louver windows are perfect for those high spots where you need ventilation or light. Louvers can be remotely controlled as motorised or fully manually operated.

Louvers give you options

The blades for louvers come in

  • glass
  • aluminum
  • wood.

You can match the style of your home or create a new little winter paradise in a wonderful sunny room, with these windows the world is really yours to explore.

Call Aspired Aluminium & Glass today and we can show you the best options and we will help you to choose the right solution for your situation.


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