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What type of shower screens can I buy in Bunbury?

Fully Frame Showerscreen by Aspired Aluminium & GlassTransform your bathroom into a perfect place to unwind and relax using Aspired Aluminium and Glass’s shower screens.  We have 3 types of screens you can purchase in Bunbury, perfect for indoor or outdoor use.

  1. Fully framed
  2. Frameless
  3. Semi-frameless

Fully framed

Fully framed shower screens are your best option to securely define your shower recess in your bathroom. Choosing a fully framed shower screen can help create a lovely bathroom that will make your bathroom space look wider.

Fully framed shower screens are crafted from durable materials ensuring a quality product that will suit your taste.

FramelessFrameless Showerscreen

Create a fabulous touch of luxury and boldness in your bathroom with an Aspired Aluminium & Glass frameless shower screen.  Frameless shower screens will provide that aesthetic appeal to match with your bathroom décor.

Frameless shower screens are cost effective and help create a wonderful view inside out! Our frameless shower screens come in various styles that will create light and modern elegance in your home.


Semi-frameless shower screens offer a sturdy and lasting elegance in your bathroom. With slim line trims and the option of doors that swing both ways, semi-frameless shower screens can create a touch of class
and style you desire.

A large range of styles and colours are available to meet your specific
needs and taste.  Semi Frameless Showerscreen by Aspired Aluminium & Glass
Semi-frameless shower screens provide peace of mind as they come with sealing mechanisms perfect to block water leakage from the enclosed shower unit. Semi-frameless screens are your best option, stylish, durable and safe.

What type of shower screens can I buy in Bunbury?

These 3 great shower screens options are available from Aspired Aluminium & Glass.  Do you require a specific design or custom made screens?

Aspired Aluminium & Glass offers quality products and service to custom make your specific design no matter how unique it is!
Call us on 9791 5500 to discuss your needs. Ring us now for a FREE measure and quote.