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What is the Best Front Door for My Home?

Lovely door by Aspired Aluminium & GlassThe entrance to your home is an inviting space to welcome people into your home. The right front door can create space, let in more natural light, provide added security and enhance your views of outside. It is not only the type of door that can enhance your entrance, but the colour choice and style can really add to your homes look and feel.   

Whether you are building a new home, renovating an existing home or simply want to change your front door there are many options available. Choosing a door to suit your available space is a great place to start. Read on to learn more about the best front door for your home including:

  • Front door for a small entry
  • Front door for a large entry
  • Choosing a front door to suit the style of your home

Front Door for a Small Entry

If the entry to your home is small or narrow, it is a great idea to choose a front door that will help to enhance a sense of space. Light colours and light tones are a great way to give a sense of space along with letting in as much natural light to the entrance as possible. This can be done by choosing a single front door with glass and a light frame or if you prefer a solid front door perhaps adding glass panels to allow natural light in.

Front Door for a Large Entry

While most homeowners would love the space of having a large entry, it’s important to ensure the space still feels homely and inviting. A single door may look lost in a large entry therefore double doors are ideal. If you prefer a single door, you may choose it to have a wider width. Solid double doors or wider doors can be broken up with glass panelling or glass doors allow an abundance of light to burst through your entrance. Many large entries have furniture items such as a shoe rack or small dresser. When choosing which door is best, consider the colour and style of these items so the space ties in.

Choosing a Front Door to Suit the Style of Your Home

Door - By Aspired Aluminium & GlassWhen choosing a style of front door consider the style of your home. For modern homes, you may choose a solid black or monochrome white front door or a glass single or double door with black or white aluminium frames. For a more classic or traditional style home, you may choose to bring complimenting or contrasting colours from your home’s furnishings and décor into your front door too. No matter the style of your home it’s important to make sure your front door helps create a flow from the front door through to the entrance through to the inside of your home.

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