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What are the benefits of installing frameless showerscreens

Frameless ShowerscreenLooking for a home improvement project? Something that can enhance the appeal and functionality of your bathroom? Install glass fittings and fixtures. Glasses always look luxurious making them great for home décor. However, homeowners shy away from glasses because of its fragile nature but today, not anymore. With the advent of the new technology, glass fittings have become a popular choice.

Frameless shower screens

Decors and fixtures made from toughened glasses such as splashbacks, shower screens and glass partitions becomes a common option today. They are durable and prove to be resistant to any kind of impact. So, for your bathroom, choose frameless shower screens. As the name suggest, they are fully frameless which means that it is self supported. Its panels are attached and use some hardware. The result is a very sleek and very open shower area – perfect for homeowners wanting to have a bathroom for that comfortable place for retreat.

The benefits of installing frameless showerscreens

If you prefer an elegant and refined look, this is for you. They add timeless style and grace to your bathroom. Below are the lists of reasons why you should install frameless shower screens to your bathroom.

  • Appeal
  • Easy to clean
  • Hygienic
  • Easy to install
  • Durable
  • Adds beauty and style

These lists of benefits can only tell you how a glass addition can transform the overall appearance of your space – especially your bathroom. When you have decided to install a frameless shower screen, make sure you choose a reliable supplier that offers glass material of the highest quality.

If you’re ready to convert your existing bathroom or thinking of designing a new one, contact Aspired Aluminium & Glass. Here at Aspired, we only use the finest Australian made glass to ensure superior quality. We have a team of experts that can install your frameless shower screen for you in no time. Call us today at 9791 5500. We look forward to discussing your shower screen project with you.