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What are the Benefits of Having my Windows Double Glazed?

Customers often wonder what the term Double Glazing means. In simple terms, if a window is double glazed, two panels of glass have been used rather than one. The two panels are separated by a small space, which can be filled with air or gas. This creates an insulated glass unit which is often referred to as IGU.

The positives of having your windows double
glazed guarantee it is a great investment for your home. Here are just a few of
the benefits of double glazing your windows:

  • Increase the Energy Efficiency
    of Your Home
  • Ensure the Home Safety and
  • Reduce Outdoor Noise Getting
    Inside Home

Increase the Energy Efficiency of Your Home

As winter settles in so does the drop in temperature leaving us exposed to cold days and even colder nights. If your home is fitted with double glazed windows, the added insulation will make your home easier to heat and stay warm during winter. Double glazed windows reduced the need to use your heaters  helping to save you getting those nasty surprise when power and gas bills arrive. Double glazed windows will  ensuring your home is energy efficient can help save you money in the long run. Just as double glazed windows will keep your home warm in winter, they will keep your home cool in summer too. A home that is cool and comfortable will cut down the use of air conditioning and fans, saving you money all year round. Increasing the energy efficiency of your home is also a positive step towards contributing to a more sustainable future too.

Ensure the Home Safety and Security


GlazingDouble glass panels make it more difficult for the glass to be broken, increasing the safety of your home. With numerous different glazing options available, you can choose a glass with the best security features meaning you can jet off on holidays with piece of mind your home has this added security feature. security feature.

Reduce Outdoor Noise Getting Inside Home

The extra insulation provided by double glazing your windows will not only improve the quality of sound within your home but eliminate sounds that would otherwise enter from outdoors. In newer suburbs, homes are becoming more compact and being built closer together plus are often surrounded by busy roads being used all times of the day and night. When building or renovating your home, having your windows double glazed is one simple way to keep the disturbance from outdoor noise to a minimum.

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