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Environmentally Conscious Ways to Keep Your South West Home Cool with Aspired Aluminium and Glass

Aspired Aluminium & Glass team in actionAn Australian summer is well known for its high temperatures with the average South West summer peaking at above 30 degrees each day. When the heat arrives, most homes turn to fans and air-conditioning to keep them and their homes cool and comfortable. While some form of cooling is often needed, there are some preventative measures you can put in place in your home that can decrease your demand for cooling appliances.

Read on to learn 5 environmentally conscious ways to keep your South West home cool including:

  • Create shade around your home
  • Keep curtains and blinds closed on hot days
  • Close off the hottest rooms
  • Use low energy glass products
  • Double glaze glass windows and doors

Create Shade Around Your Home

Creating shade around your home can help to keep your home cool. An enclosed outdoor area such as a patio with patio blinds can help to provide shade plus planting trees is not only great for the environment, but also a great way to create shade. The more shade, the cooler and comfortable your home will be.

Keep Curtains and Blinds Closed on Hot Days

Keeping curtains and blinds closed on hot days provides a barrier against the summer heat. Closing curtains and blinds will not only make a difference to the temperature inside your home but can help protect floor coverings and furniture too

Close Off the Hottest Rooms

Certain rooms in your home may face the sun, meaning they become hotter than others. Avoid using these rooms and close the door to minimise the heat entering other areas of your home.

Use Low Energy Glass Products

Lovely door by Aspired Aluminium & GlassLow energy glass products have greater insulating properties and transmit less solar radiation keeping your home cooler in summer. They are a cost-effective way to reduce power bills and save you money long term. The options and colours available for low energy glass products are endless allowing you to match them to your homes paint colours, décor or furniture. Low Energy Glass is ideal to use in entry/exit doors around the home plus exterior windows and sky lights.

Double Glaze Glass Windows and Doors

Windows and doors in the home can be double glazed. Double glazing combines two panes of glass, separated by a sealed layer of air or gas. Double glazing provides a barrier creating premium thermal efficiency and ventilation, meaning a reduction in cooling costs. Engineered to last, double glazed windows and doors won’t only help to keep your home cool but provides additional strength and security to doors and windows too.

For all Your Glass Needs, Aspired Aluminium and Glass are Only A Call Away

Aspired Aluminium and Glass are your local professionals in low energy glass products and double-glazed windows and doors in the South West.

The Aspired team will customise windows and doors to fit your home regardless of whether you have a new build or are retrofitting an existing home.

Call the team on 9791 5500 for a free quote on all your glass and double-glazing needs.