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Aspired Aluminum and Glass for great showerscreens that will add value to your home without breaking your budget.

Turn your bathroom into that perfect place to relax and pamper yourself at the end of the day or a great way to start a lazy weekend. Aspired  Aluminium and Glass have the right showerscreen for you and we have bath screens too.

Want something a little bit different? We can custom make a shower screen to your exact needs, even put a mermaid in your bathroom.

Showerscreens come in many options:

  • Fully Framed
  • Frameless
  • Semi-Frameless

These options can relate to both the showerscreen itself or the door; or a combination of both.

Ask Aspired  Aluminium and Glass for a free quote to discuss your needs.

Fully Framed Showerscreens

Framed showerscreens give structure and form to securely define your shower recess within your bathroom. The framed series has contoured corners and uses smooth profiles to eliminate soap and dirt traps this reducing the need for cleaning.

Framed showerscreens are available in a range of colours and styles, and can be customised to your requirements. These showerscreens will provide you with a lifetime of reliability and functionality in your bathroom.


Frameless Showerscreens

A frameless showerscreen in your bathroom is the absolute luxury in style and design; you will be surprised how affordable they are! The uncluttered elegance provides aesthetic appeal to complement your bathroom décor.

Glass doors and glass panels make cleaning easy. Frameless showerscreen come in a range styles for you to choose from. A frameless showerscreen will give you that touch of luxury and is an investment in quality and style which will add value of your home

Semi – Frameless Showerscreens

Semi-Frameless showerscreens are the best of both worlds;
– the uncluttered elegance of frameless
– with the strength and support of a frame.

The clever design and sealing mechanisms of a semi frameless showerscreen will ensure the minimal water leakage from the enclosed shower unit. Slim border frames don’t create any hidden corners for the dirt to hide and make it easy to clean and maintain the showerscreen.

Semi-Frameless showerscreens come in a range of styles, colours and combinations which will give your bathroom a touch of class and lasting style.

All our showerscreens are  comply to the relevant Australian Standards.

We have a huge range of showerscreens that are safe and functional and add a touch of class to your bathroom at competitive prices.

Ask Aspired Aluminium and Glass for a free measure and quote.

You will be surprised how affordable your dream bathroom can be.

Drop into our showroom at 12 Denning Rd, Bunbury to see our range,
or we can come to you.

Aspired Aluminum & Glass for great showerscreens that can be as unique as your home, functional and beautiful.

See what our clients have to say....

“Just wanted to take this time to say thanks on behalf of Kim and I for all the work you’ve done. Out of the 7 quotes I sourced yours was the most competitive in regards to materials and installation. It’s a credit to your company on both your prices and professionalism and it was a pleasure working with you from the beginning Pip. I will most definitely be recommending you to anyone I know for future projects.”