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Should I Install Glass Splashbacks in My Home?

Modern Glass SplashbackSplashbacks are becoming an on-trend inclusion to many homes. There are many advantages of glass splashbacks with the most common reason for installing being to keep an area clean however, glass splashbacks can also be an attractive decorative feature.

Read on to learn 5 factors to consider when installing glass splashbacks in your home including:

  • What rooms of the home can include glass splashbacks?
  • Colour range
  • Correct height and thickness
  • Is a glass splashback heat resistant?
  • Can a glass splashback be fitting on top of tiles?

What rooms of the home can include glass splashbacks?

Most homeowners assume the kitchen is the only room of a home to feature a glass splashback however, there are other rooms they can also be used. A glass splashback is useful in bathrooms and laundries too. It should be professionally installed and sealed to ensure moisture will not get in.

Colour range

Glass splashbacks are available in a large range of colours. You can choose a colour to compliment your existing décor or you can choose a contrasting colour to make a glass splashback a focal point. Glass splashbacks are ageless and fit with all styles of home from heritage to modern.

Correct height and thickness

To ensure a glass splashback keeps an area clean, it’s important the correct height and thickness of glass is used. Generally, a splashback will be positioned a few centimetres above a benches surface.

Is a glass splashback heat resistant?

Bathroom By AspiredA glass splashback can be toughened to resist heat. The toughening process may also ensure you of a scratch and chip resistant splashback, so you’ll get to enjoy it for many years.

Can a glass splashback be fitted on top of tiles?

While it is possible to fit a glass splashback on top of tiles, it is highly recommended to remove the tiles first and replace the tiles with your new glass splashback.

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