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Security Doors provide protection for your home.

Security is always a major concern for most homeowners, Aspired Aluminium & Glass carry a large range security doors, screens for both doors and windows, to give you that maximum protection and put your mind at rest. As members of the Australian Window Association (AWA) all our work is accredited, that gives you the guarantee of consistent quality and workmanship. Our security doors are all built and designed to pass the relevant Australian Standards. Our range of security doors, windows and grilles come in a variety of styles and are powder coated in colours to suit your home decor needs.

Security Doors

Aspired Aluminium & Glass have security doors in both slider and hinged variations. Enjoy the comfort of fresh air flowing through your home with the peace of mind knowing you are protected.

Security Screens are a protective barrier against unwanted invasion and are available in hinged or sliding doors. Protecting your home doesn’t mean you have to live in a fortress. There are options available that have discreet and tasteful barrier doors and security screens that will keep your family safe and both match the look of your home.

• Mesh Doors
• Stainless Steel Mesh
• 007 Diamond Grill

As an added visual deterrent traditional security screens in 7mm Diamond Grill, screen doors are still popular and are a cost effective way of protecting your family and adding value to your home.

Barrier Doors

Looking for protection from insects? Barrier Doors are your answer, they are not security doors. Barrier Doors are single-locking screen door, the traditional flyscreen doors and pet proof flywire. 

Barrier Doors are not security doors, they are single-locking screen door, traditional flyscreen door and pet proof flywire. These doors, while sturdy are designed as a barrier to insects, not intruders and are not recommended for use in your front door. Barrier doors may pull out from the bottom or top of the door when pressure is applied.

Barrier doors are available in sliding and hinged doors. All our doors are made to meet Australian Standards.

Aspired Aluminium & Glass will give you a free measure and quote, then once you are happy we will supply, fit and install the barrier door that suits your needs and budget.

See what our clients have to say....

"Can I just say that I’ve dealt with so many really bad tradesmen throughout this small extension that I now have just about lost faith in good service. With the exception of your company. You have been so kind, patient, efficient, flexible and understanding… what can I say? I will recommend you to everyone about to build, safe with the knowledge that you will be a true professional throughout the project. Thank you so much for everything – wish there were more like you out there"