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Say goodbye to mouldy bathroom with shower screens

Semi Frameless Showerscreen by Aspired Aluminium & GlassShower curtains are a great way to add colour, style and protection to your bathroom. However, they are prone to going mouldy which can be a pain to remove. You will be regularly replacing shower curtains with new ones. Add up all the money spent over the years and you’ll soon realise that shower curtains can be an expensive item for your bathroom!

Why not use glass shower screens?

Instead of replacing shower curtains all over again, why not use glass shower screens instead? Glass shower screens can fit perfectly to any size of bathroom you have. Whether it’s a small or a big luxurious bathroom, glass shower screens are perfect. Once installed, you never have to replace it again.

No need to worry about moulds anymore! Glass shower screens can be cleaned easily – a basic glass cleaner and you can make your shower screen look like new again! Once you hire a professional to install a glass
shower screen for your bathroom, you can say goodbye to mouldy shower curtains

Mermaid Screen by Aspired Aluminium and GlassGlass shower screens are versatile!

If you are worried about compromising the style and appearance of your bathroom, there’s no need to feel that way. Glass shower screens are versatile – you can create the perfect look for your bathroom. You can do modern, traditional or a mix of both. Glass shower screens come in a variety of design, style and colour! You can select from a wide variety of glass including clear, tinted, frosted and even etched.

Say goodbye to moulds with bathroom glass shower screens

When choosing glass shower screens, make sure to hire a professional to install if for you. For your shower screens selection, contact Aspired Aluminium & Glass. We have quality and unique shower screens to suit your bathroom.

Did you know we can even etch patterns into your shower screen glass?

Ring Aspired Aluminium & Glass today and get a free quote.