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Mirrors can make a real impression in your home!

Mirror products are the perfect way to bring light into your home; reflect warmth and atmosphere. Mirrors complete a room, give it depth, make it look bigger or can be somewhere to look when you are doing your hair.

Bathroom mirrors and much more.

Whether you want a mirror for your bathroom, ensuite, living room or any other area of your home, Aspired Aluminium & Glass can manufacture exactly what you need.

We have a large range of mirrors including:

  • Beveled Edge
  • Polished
  • Curved
  • Arised edge
  • Etched
  • Chrome Dome Mirrors

Beveled Edge

A beveled edge mirror is a sophisticated design that will add style to your bathroom.
Beveled edge is a 45 degree sloped modern glass mirrors effect edging that frames your new mirror perfectly, adding that extra touch of class.

Polished Edged

Polished edged mirror has rounded off smooth edges to ensure both safety and sophistication at the same time.

Raised Edge

Raised edge mirror has a decorative effect where the edge has been finely
grazed and roughed up slightly at the edges on the glass. Arised edges are safer alternative to having plain cut glass.

Etched Mirrors

Etched mirrors are really good for that WOW factor! Want to make a statement then an etched mirror is the one for you. Etching can put a picture or effect on your mirror or glass see our Mermaid Showerscreen which has been etched.

Chrome Dome Mirrors

Chrome Dome Mirrors provide a greater coverage than standard mirrors, they are suited where viewing is needed. They are ideal for observing large areas, where overhead viewing is needed or seeing around corners. Use indoors in retail stores, offices, reception, hospitals or outdoors for industrial areas, carparks, intersections, concealed driveways etc.

Mirrors can be almost any shape you can dream of and in a small room a mirror will create the impression of extra space. Any room in your home will come to life with a custom cut mirror that will bring in light and make it bright and feel inviting.

Large, small mirrors indoor or outdoor, mirrors for all occasions, ring and discuss you needs with Aspired Aluminium & Glass today.

See what our clients have to say....

"It has been a year since we moved into our home and I just wanted to say a big thanks to you and your staff for all the great work they did for us. Our family and friends loved our home and do appreciate the quality of workmanship. Thank you regards"