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Make your bathroom beautiful with frosted glass

Mermaid Screen by Aspired Aluminium and GlassGlass is a great addition to any home – especially in bathrooms. However, you might be concerned about how much privacy it affords you as they are clear, transparent, and sometimes using windows means no privacy at all.

Go for frosted glass

Value your privacy so much? You can use frosted glass. What is a frosted glass? A frosted glass is a type of glass that doesn’t allow you to see through but still lets in plenty of light. The glass is made opaque through certain processes such as:

  • Applying frosted window films
  • Sand blasting or acid etching

The glass can be uniformly frosted or you can have a design during the frosting process in order to create a unique design that will surely make your frosted glass beautiful.

Frosted glass is perfect for your bathroom

Your bathroom is naturally an area with water so using curtains or blinds to cover your clear glass is always the best option. Your best bet is to use frosted glass.

Why use frosted glass in the bathroom:

  • It makes your bathroom light and open
  • Keeps your privacy

Make your bathroom light and open

Fully Frame Showerscreen by Aspired Aluminium & GlassWe all spend lots of time in our bathrooms off and on throughout the day, whether you are taking a bath, doing your hair or makeup, washing your hands etc. Frosted glass allows light to enter making your bathroom brighter and more open, saving you having to turn the light on.

Keep your privacy

You can have your windows as large as you like without fear that your neighbours will be getting a free show!

You can frost certain parts of your window to create beautiful designs – it’s up to you. Anyone who will use the bathroom while you are showering will not see anything they shouldn’t

Frosted glass is perfect for shower screens too. Use frosted glass in order to keep the water in without any loss of light. Make your bathroom beautiful with frosted glass.

For your glass needs – whether frosted or not, contact Aspired Aluminium& Glass. We have different kinds of glasses to suit your every requirement. Give us a call now and get your free quote.