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How to Make Your Home Less Susceptible to The Cold During Winter

Aluminium windows by Aspired Aluminium & Glass

Temperatures have plummeted in the South West with day and night temperatures leaving us feeling chilly and seeking the comfort of warmth indoors. With the cost of utilities increasing and environmental consciousness rising, people are looking for ways to keep their home warm without relying on electrical or gas appliances.

Have you considered alternate ways to weather-proof your home during winter? Here are just a few ideas how to keep you and your family warm and cosy in winter without relying on gas and electric appliances:

  • Close Doors in Rooms Not Being Used
  • Have Your Windows Double Glazed
  • Open Your Curtains on Sunny Winter Days
  • Upgrade Your Window Frames to Aluminium

Close Doors in Rooms Not Being Used

It’s important to keep heat in and one way to do this is by closing the doors of any rooms not being used. Most homes have open plan living, dining and kitchen areas where the family spend most of their time so concentrate on keeping heat in this area of the home by closing adjoining rooms (like bedrooms and bathrooms) doors. Ensure the front and back door remains closed too and if necessary, roll up a towel and place at the bottom of doors to stop the draught entering.

Have Your Windows Double Glazed

When a window is double glazed it means instead of the usual single panel of glass, two panels have been used. The small space separating these two panels is filled with air or gas which in turn creates insulated glass. This added insulation will heat your home quicker and keep it warmer for longer. The cost to install double glazed windows is an investment that will be returned by the potential drop in costs to heat your home in winter and cool your home in summer. Increasing the energy efficiency of your home is also a positive step towards contributing to a more sustainable
future too.

Open Your Curtains on Sunny Winter Days

Doors - By Aspired Aluminium & Glass 

Winter still produces some lovely warm and sunny days so it’s important to make the most of the winter sun. Open curtains and blinds so warmth enters your home and as late afternoon and evening approaches close them again to keep warmth in. To make the most of the sunshine beaming through your windows consider moving any furniture that may be placed in-front of windows, blocking warmth from entering.

Upgrade Your Window Frames to Aluminium

Another great way to offer added insulation is with aluminium window frames. Wooden frames often allow cold draughts in and heat to exit through small cracks. When used with the right type of glass, aluminium frames will increase the warmth of your home and can reduce the need for electric or gas heating. If building a new home, aluminium window frames are a great option to ensure the comfort of your and your family.   

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