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How to clean your window frames

bi-fold windowsHolidays are here, yippee!

The sunny weather will give you a perfect excuse to get out of the house and work on some outdoor chores. Cleaning your window frames is one of those jobs that often gets left behind and then seems too huge to tackle.

Keeping your window frames clean

We all know we should keep our windows clean but we tend to overlook our window frames. Then we wait until loads of dust, moulds and dirt appear on our window frames before we take some actions. If your home’s window frames have accumulated a fair amount of dirt and other debris, clean them now.

Cleaning your window frames will enhance the life of the frame plus give you:

  • Great looking window
  • Functional window for longer years
  • A healthier home

Steps on how to clean your window frames

  1. Dust your window frames
  2. Prepare your cleaning solution
  3. Apply your cleaning solution

See it is as simple as 1, 2, 3 so what are you waiting for?

Start now and you will have spotless window frames in no time with just a few basic cleaning tools and steps. Let’s go:

Dust your window frames

You can use a feather duster or a damp cloth, old cotton tee shirts work well. Old toothbrushes are also good to get right into the base of the window tracks. Simply run your dusting tools over the frames and tracks until all the dust has been removed.

Don’t be tempted to skip the dusting stage of you will end up with mud and a much larger job. Removing all the dust from your window frames is necessary before you can start cleaning.


Vacuum up all the dust and dirty that you have dislodged from your window frame.

Prepare your cleaning solution

Once you have dusted your window frames, get ready to prepare your mix your cleaning solution.

Prepare two bottles –

  • one loaded with your cleaning solution (warm soapy water)
  • the other one with clean water

That way you can wash and rinse off your window frames as you go, making cleaning so much easier.

Apply your cleaning solution

Spray your solution onto your dirty window frames and let it sit for 1 to 3 minutes. After that, wipe it clean with a nonabrasive washcloth. When done, spray your clean water, and then let it dry and wipe over with clean dry cloth.

Follow these steps and you’re done, see it’s not that hard. Next time, don’t wait so long and the job will be really simple.

Do you need new windows or have your frames gone past their prime?

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