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How Can I Use Mirrors in My Home?

Mirror in the bar areaA mirror is used to reflect light and the world around us. With various sizes, shapes, designs and even the option of being custom made, mirrors with the correct placement can give your home a complete new look and feel.

Here are a few useful ways mirrors can be used in your home:

  • Create More Light to Brighten an Area
  • Make a Small Room Look Bigger
  • Interior Design 

Create More Light to Brighten The Area

Your homes windows are the main source that allow natural light to enter. The more light, the brighter it becomes. Mirrors are another great tool to create extra light and brighten up an area. Mirrors placed near a lighting source for example a lamp or a chandelier will instantly brighten up an area. To reflect natural light from a window, the ideal placement of a mirror would be on the wall opposite or adjacent to the window. 

Generally, the larger the mirror the better however smaller mirrors are often grouped together to create light and brighten an area too. It’s just walls that mirrors can be placed. Other spaces in the home can be brightened with mirrors too such as the back of a display cabinet could be lined with mirrors to create extra light to admire what is being displayed.

Make a Small Room Look Bigger

Instantly create the illusion of more space with mirrors. A room that is narrow can be made to feel bigger by placing a mirror horizontally on a wall above furniture and fittings. A small room is often limited to just one window, but the illusion of an extra window can be achieved by placing a mirror on the wall opposite the window. Doing this will bring the reflection of the outdoors in. Furniture in a small room can make the room look cluttered, however placing a large mirror behind furniture creates a sense of space.

Interior Design

Mirror by Aspired

While mirrors are functional, they can also be the answer to design dilemma’s too. Mirrors can be used as a work of art in the home or create luxury by filling empty walls with mirrored tiles. Decorative mirrors of different shapes and sizes make the perfect way to decorate hallways and passages. Wanting a mirror in your bedroom but not sure where to put it? Mirrors can even be placed on wardrobe panels to create a free-standing dressing room. Mirrored tiles can be used on splashbacks in your laundry and kitchen to give a modern look to your home’s décor.

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