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uPVC Double Glazed Windows

Aspired Aluminium and Glass are an accredited dealer for Climateframe Double Glazing, superior uPVC Double Glazed windows.

Double glazed windows offer exceptional thermal efficiency and provide excellent ventilation for your home. Double glazed is windows are great for reducing heating and cooling cost by providing better insulation.

Did you know that between 20 – 40% of your heating or cooling can be lost through your windows?

Other great reasons to use Double Glazed windows are

  • Security – Added strength to your windows
  • Reduction in external noise entering your home
  • No maintenance required
  • Built in Australia for Australian Conditions

uPVC Double Glazed Awning Windows

Double glazed awning windows come in 2 opening styles

  • Push Out – Unrestricted Top Hung
  • Push Out – Restricted Top Hung (Upper floor windows)
  • Scissor Winder – Unrestricted Top Hung
  • Scissor Winder – Restricted Top Hung

uPVC Double glazed awning windows are a top hung outwardly opening style of window. Climateframe offers both a push out style of awning and a scissor winder option. Ground floor windows can open withhout restriction however 1st floor and beyond must be restricted to comply with upper floor regulations.

Scissor winder option provide especially good compression for thermal and acoustic insulation in your home, keeping the cool in and heat out in summer and the warm in and cold out in winter. With double glazed awning windows your home will be quieter and more climate friendly all year round.

Climateframe double glazed awnings come standard with quality stainless steel friction stays to withstand all types of weather including salty coastal conditions.

uPVC Double Glazed Tilt and Turn Windows

Are you looking for a little extra style?

European inspired Tilt and Turn double glazed windows will be perfect. Tilt and Turn windows has the ability to tilt open at the top of the window or with a turn of the handle and they can also be swung open from the side. Tilt and Turn double glazed windows come with stainless steel hardware as standard.

Our Tilt and Turn double glazed windows have an options of arrestable stays which lock the window at any point to prevent the window blowing in the wind.

We also offer a “tilt only” model that allows the window to tilt open from the top which is great security is you want to leave your window open at night to allow the fresh air in, tilt only windows won’t compromise your homes security.

Choice of material blinds that can sit behind the double glazed unit is available in blackout finish or a stylish transparent material that will allow light to still come through.

Visit Aspired Aluminium and Glass’s showroom at 12 Denning Rd, Bunbury to see our tilt and turn windows in action.

uPVC Double Glazed Sliding Windows

Double glazed sliding windows come in a full range colours including white, cream, signal grey, anthracite and golden oak.

For the kitchen servery to alfresco we offer a double glazed stacking sliding window option feature.

Double glazed sliding windows have a multipoint locking system for increased security and are internally reinforced with steel for rigidity.

Kommerling manufacture doors and windows in a 28mm thick glass unit. The different glass combinations have a toughened glass with the thickness, tinting and low-e glass.

All double glazed window and doors are manufactured to your specifications.

uPVC Double Glazed Casement Windows

An outward opening style of window these double glazed casement windows are a side-hung, outward opening style of window allowing for airflow to be directed. The quality stainless steel hinges are housed in a 67mm Kommerling outer frame. Hinges are adjustable and won’t slam shut in wind conditions. Frame is internally reinforced for strength and which allows for a full height window when glass frontage is required.

Call Aspired Aluminium & Glass are your local accredited Climateframe uPVC Double Glazed Dealer, for a Free Quote on Your Double Glazed Windows.

Double Glazed Casement Windows
Double Glazed Awning Windows
Double Glazed Partio Tilt and Turn
uPVC Double Glazed Casement Windows