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uPVC Double Glazed Doors

uPVC double glazed doors offer exceptional thermal efficiency and ventilation for your home. Double glazing is perfect for your doors provides better insulation and is stronger than standard door glass keeping your family comfortable and safe all year round.

See some of the fabulous range of uPVC double glazed doors that Aspired Aluminium & Glass offer:

  • uPVC Double Glazed Hinged Doors
  • uPVC Double Glazed Sliding Doors
  • uPVC Double Glazed French Doors
  • uPVC Double Glazed Stack and Slide Doors
  • uPVC Double Glazed Lift and Slide PD76

uPVC Double Glazed Hinged Doors

Climateframe hinged doors utilise the same 67mm Kommerling outer-frame as most of the window styles. We can manufacture hinged doors that open inwards or outwards and offer the same security with the covers of our flag hinges being internally fixed either way.

Due to the low aluminium threshold this type of door is ideal for wheelchair access with a modern sleek look.

Hinges fit on all the our double glazed doors and can hold up to 30kg in weight capacity that’s why they work so well as large stylish entry doors.

uPVC Double Glazed Sliding Doors

Furnished with weather strips and brush piles the double glazed sliding doors have a sliding door track that helps to seal properly as a hinged door does. This gives a thermally acoustic effect.

All the products in the kommerling profile take much more weight than the double glazed sliding doors. Climate frame has a flyscreen technician for all the products, covering sliding flyscreen, security screens that are fitted to double glazed sliding doors.

uPVC Double Glazed French Doors

French doors are manufactured right here in Western Australian for our Australian conditions with the inward, outward double glazed, offering the same security with cover of our flag hinges fixed internally.

Having a low aluminium threshold for the sill makes it ideal for wheelchair access with a modern sleek look.

Double glazed door have flag hinges and can hold 30kg per hinge. This allows manufacturing of large stylish entrance doors in a full colour range.

Double Glazing product from Climateframe have increased security and French Doors are no exception when it comes to the way they are opened. Depending on which way the doors open will depend on the door sash and ensuring the internal glazing.

uPVC Double Glazed Stack and Slide Doors

Double Glazed stacking sliding doors have a 3 panel and 6 panel configuration. 3 panel gives two sliding panels to slide behind the other, whilst the 6 panel there are 2 sliding panels that slide behind fixed panels. These kind of panels are ideal for open plan living that joins onto outdoor space. Slide and stack doors generally range from 3-7 meters wide.

uPVC Double Glazed Lift and Slide PD76

A new product that has been introduced is the PD76 PremiDoor. New to Australia, features a lift and slide system and with a distinctive handle you can lift the sliding panel onto the wheels to operate the door itself. Panels can be locked into position at any point that allows great ventilation overnight with the same security options.

PD76 2 Panel system can be made up to 2.6 metres in height and 6 meters in width. A 4 panel system will give twice the width with a 13 metre span. A single panels can weight up 400 kilograms although with this system a child can still slide it effortlessly. Looks great for a full frontage view of the property.

Double Glazings benefits of thermal and sound properties are definitely a positive. PremiDoor 76 on average has a U value of 1.4 giving a very advanced thermal efficiency compared to single glazed structures. Regular sliding door systems in Australia are fitted with brush piles for a seal. So the reason glazed windows perform so well thermally is the sliding panels are fitted with rubber seals which are compressed when the door is in the locked position. Other products utilise thick double glazed units (DGU’s) 28mm thick. PremiDoor has a thickness of 50mm PD76 in white, cream anthracite and golden oak.

Double Glazed Sliding Door
Double Glazed Sliding Stacker Doors
Double Glazed Lift and Slide PD76 1
Double Glazed Lift and Slide PD76
Double Glazed Hinged Door1

Aspired Aluminium & Glass are your local accredited Climateframe Double Glazed Dealer, Contact us today for a full measure and quote at Aspired Aluminium and Glass on 9791 5500.