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Double Glazed Doors and Windows

At Aspired Aluminium and Glass the choice is yours, we stock and install both

Double glazed glass combines 2 panes which are separated by a layer of air or gas, this is a sealed unit and is then fitted into a frame which is wide enough to accommodate the 2 panes of glass. Double glazed glass is very efficient at preventing heat loss with the air gas acts as insulation, this also helps to reduce noise entering your home.

What is the difference between Aluminium Double Glazed and uPVC Double Glazed products?

The difference between the 2 double glazed product is mainly due to the framing system that surrounds the double glazed glass.

Aluminium double glaze glass fits into a stand channel and has thinner panes of glass and a thinner profile.

uPVC has thermal break multi channel frames which are lightweight and great insulators.
Both types of frames have their pros and cons and work well in different situations.

To find out which suits your specific purpose give Pip a call on 9791 5500 at
Aspired Aluminium and Glass where the double glazed choice is yours.

Aluminium Double Glazed Sliding Windows
Aluminium Double Glazed Sliding Windows
uPVC Double Glazed Awning Windows
uPVC Double Glazed Awning Window

Aluminium Double Glazed Doors and Windows

Aluminium framed double glazed glass is the strong and durable, easy to clean and maintain. Here are some reasons for choosing Aluminium frames for your double glazed windows and doors:

  • Fit in with existing frame on your house
  • Lots of colour options
  • Withstand extreme conditions – great for beach locations
  • Aluminium can be recycled
  • Lower profile than other double glazed frames

Go to the following pages for more information on Aluminium framed double glazed windows and doors.

Aluminium Double Glazed Windows

Aluminium Double Glazed Doors

uPVC Double Glazed Doors and Windows

uPVC double glazed doors and windows offer premium thermal efficiency and ventilation for your home. Double glazing is wonderful for your home and provides:

  • Better insulation
  • Reduces heating and cooling costs
  • Adds strength and security to your doors and windows
  • Reduces external noise entering your home
  • Little to no maintenance required
  • Engineered to last

Aspired Aluminium and Glass are proud to be an accredited dealer for Climateframe Double Glazing.

Our uPVC double glazed windows and doors are made with German engineering coupled with Australian manufacturing, safety, style and energy efficient. We customise all our windows and doors to fit your home exactly no matter whether you have a new build or are retrofitting an existing home.

Climateframe uPVC are made in Western Australia for Australian conditions and are Australian Standard approved making your home more comfortable, quieter and energy efficient.

Call Pip and the team at Aspired Aluminium & Glass for a free quote on all your double glazing needs.

Or click on your double glazed product range below for more information.

uPVC Double Glazed Windows

uPVC Double Glazed Doors​

Aspired Aluminium & Glass are your local accredited Climateframe uPVC Double Glazed Dealer,
Contact Pip for a Free Quote.

uPVC Double Glazed Casement Windows
uPVC Double Glazed Sliding Stacker Doors