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Can I Have My Windows Replaced in my Home?

uPVC Double Glazed Awning Windows

Many people aren’t aware they can have their existing wooden window frames replaced with aluminium frames in their home. It is a common myth that once installed, windows can’t be changed but this is certainly not the case. Choosing to replace your existing windows to an aluminium material frame has many unexpected benefits that home owners haven’t often considered.

Here are just a few reasons why replacing the windows in your home to aluminium is a great idea:

  • Give your Home an On-Trend Minimalist Look and Feel
  • Enjoy a More Comfortable Environment
  • Increase the Security of Your Home

Give your Home an On-Trend Minimalist Look and Feel

The minimalist look and feel is the current trend when it comes to contemporary architecture and interior design. Aluminium window frames look slick and give an on-trend minimalist look and feel, making them the ideal choice to modernise your home. Aluminium windows are painted using powder coating. With a large range of colour choices available, powder coating ensures a consistent colour and finish to aluminium frames.

Enjoy a More Comfortable Environment

Aluminium window frames offer great insulation in your home. Cracks can appear in wooden frames which allow cool draughts to enter and heat to escape through cooler months. When paired with the correct glass, aluminium window frames can help keep your home warm and comfortable plus may even reduce your heating costs.

New window aluminium windowsIncrease the Security of Your Home

Aluminium windows are able to be fitted with several choices of locks on various sides of the window. An aluminium window frame can be fitted with an anti-drill plate and an anti-lift device. These make it near impossible for unwanted visitors to drill open the lock or break open the window with a crow bar.

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