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Are fly screens worth your money?

Stainless steel mesh windows doorsOf course! Fly screens can shoo away mossies that want to ruin your day. Install fly screen to enjoy extreme protection from unwanted guests.

Reasons to buy fly screens:

  1. Easy to install
  2. Large range
  3. Durable and sustainable
  4. Easy to clean

Easy to install

No budget for installation? Try to do it yourself! Don’t worry, fly screens are very easy to install. Just make sure to follow the manufacturer’s directions to get the best results. If you are not handy, it is best to call in the professionals to install it properly for you. We at  Aspired Aluminium & Glass is your professional glass company you can trust on your glass solutions needs.

Large range

Fly screens can perfectly fit your home and the type of windows you have. Aspired Aluminium & Glass offers a large range of options to suit your style. Choose Window Security Screens, Window Flyscreen (Standard Insect Protection), Door Security Screens, Door Flyscreen (Standard Insect Protection), or Barrier Doors.

We offer aluminium mesh fly screens, galvanised steel mesh and stainless steel mesh for fly screens.

Durable and sustainable

Save money all year round with our high quality fly screens. Made from strong materials, all our products are designed to suit the harsh weather conditions in Australia.

Remember you get what you pay for. Buying cheap products will waste your money as they will fall apart quickly and will need constant inspection and repair. At Aspired, we sell affordable durable products that will save you time and money.

Easy to clean

Clean fly screen at regularly to prevent build-up of dirt. Remove them carefully then rinse thoroughly with a garden hose. You will need to use the water pressure to remove dirt and dust from the screen. Frequently scrub both sides of the screen with soapy water and soft bristled brush then rinse. Vacuum the window sills and tracks while letting the screen dry.

Are fly screens worth your money?


Contact Aspired Aluminium & Glass on 9791 5500 to discuss your fly screen needs. We offer wide variety of doors, windows, showerscreens, mirrors, glass and more. Visit our showroom at 12 Denning Road, Bunbury to see our current stocks. We are the tradesmen who really care. Ring us now for a free quote.