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6 tips for a secure front door

Barrier screen door - flyscreen with protectionLooking for ways to secure your home? Start with securing your door. Your door is the main entryway for thieves so it would make sense if you invest in a quality secure front door.

Here are 6 tips for a secure front door.

Go for a solid core door

A solid core door is difficult to break or kick in. If you are unsure about your existing door, knock on it; a solid core door sound dead while hollow doors echo. If you don’t have a solid core door consider replacing your door; contact a professional to do it or there are DIY options.

Change your locks

Get a deadbolt lock. Make sure the bolt doesn’t feature any exposed exterior screws.

A deadbolt lock is a locking mechanism that contains a cylindrical bored lock and must be rotated into the open position using a key. Consider installing a deadbolt locks on all exit doors. These locks can only be locked or unlocked with a key, so if an intruder comes get in they won’t be able to walk out your front door.

Install wide angle peepholes

By installing a peephole, you will be able to see out before you open you do to any visitors. Don’t give thieves the chance to gain entry once the door is partially open. You can also check if the person knocking is alone or carrying some tools.

Turn on the lights

This might not be an improvement to the door itself but doing so can repel thieves. Having a sensor light that is activated when someone approaches your home will let you know who is around and help to keep you safe.

Don’t forget the back door

Your backdoor needs the same kind of security with your front door, a solid door that is properly locked. And remember you need to use the locks, even when you are home. Burglaries can happen even when you at home, so don’t leave an open door for them to enter through.

Remember not to provide any form of cover for offenders, don’t have overgrown or bushy scrubs close to your home.

Security door is the key

Is your front door a welcome mat for thieves? Get a security door, it is built to withstand forced entry and is designed to repel thieves. Security doors are sturdy enough but can also make an alarming sound when someone is forcing it to open. Even when you are in deep sleep, you will be informed about a coming burglar attack. Don’t get confused with a barrier door as they are not designed for security, read more about the difference here.

If you are planning on installing security door, contact Aspired Aluminium& Glass. We offer security door installation – both for commercial and residential. Ring us now for free measure and quote.