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3 Ways to Keep Your Bunbury Home Warm Without Relying on Electrical or Gas Appliances

Keep Your Bunbury Home Warm with New windowsBunbury and the South West are spoilt with gorgeous weather all year around. Yes, the summer days can be scorching, but the afternoon coastal breeze brings welcomed relief. Winter can be bitterly cold, but we are still able to enjoy sunny winter days.

With winter not far away, now is the time to start thinking of ways to keep you and your family warm over the winter months. While the obvious way may be to turn on the heating, there are other options available that can long term reduce the cost of your winter power and gas bills plus are more environmentally friendly. Increasing the energy efficiency of your home is also a positive step towards contributing to a more sustainable future.

Read on to learn 3 ways to keep your Bunbury home warm this winter, without relying on electrical or gas appliances including:

  • Make the Most of Winter Sunshine
  • Double Glaze Windows in Your Home
  • Replace Window and Door Frames

Make the Most of Winter Sunshine 

Autumn and winter still spoil us with warm and sunny days. Make the most of any sunshine by opening curtains and blinds and letting the sun in to warm your home. Close the doors in any rooms not being used or close the door to the room you are in to stop a draught entering and keep the room warm. You may even move furniture so where you sit through the day it is close to a window where the sun is beaming in.

Double Glaze Windows in Your Home

Aspired Aluminium & GlassA double glazed window has two panels of glass, rather than a single panel. The small space separating these two panels is filled with air or gas which in turn creates insulation. This added insulation will heat your home quicker and keep it warmer for longer. The cost to install double glazed windows is an investment that will be returned by the potential drop in costs to heat your home in winter and cool your home in summer.

Replace Window and Door Frames

One of the 3 ways to keep your Bunbury home warm is to add insulation by installing aluminium window or door frames. Wooden frames often allow cold draughts in and heat to exit through small cracks. Aluminium frames will increase the warmth of your home and can reduce the need for electric or gas heating. If building a new home, aluminium window and door frames are a great long term investment for the comfort of you and your family.   

Wanting to install double glazed windows or aluminium frames in your Bunbury home? Aspired Aluminium and Glass can help

Aspired Aluminium & Glass is a leading supplier of aluminium and glass products including window and doors; with a range of specialised services to help make any house a home, we also cater for commercial buildings as well. At Aspired Aluminium & Glass we deliver high quality products, backed up with superior customer service and technical support.

Call our team on 9791 15500 to discuss your needs or drop in when passing by our showroom at 12 Denning Road in Bunbury.