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Casement Windows
Windows designs are as individual as you are. At Aspired Aluminium & Glass we know that one size doesn’t fit all and we can custom make the window to fit perfectly in every area of your home.

Do you want the traditional charm and elegance of a casement window, the ventilation properties of a double hung window or something completely different?

All our windows products are manufactured to Australian Standards that come with a guarantee of absolute quality for your peace of mind.

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Want to bring the outdoors inside
– in an impressive way?

Aspired Aluminium & Glass we can make the perfect windows for your home, here are just a few sorts to have a look at.

Bi-fold Windows
Sliding Windows
Louver Windows
Casement Windows
Awning Windows
Double Hung Windows

Casement Windows

Casement windows provide traditional charm and elegance to the modern home of today.

Casement windows swing open like a hinged door and are ideal for locations where you want unobstructed views. They are great for ventilation and allow good airflow even with the smallest breeze.

Affinity Awning Window

Casement windows are generally made to swing out of the room but because they swing horizontally and are hinged on one side they can be made to swing inwards against a wall, great option for verandahs and decks.

Awning Windows

It is not recommended to use awnings windows in areas where the window opens out onto a deck, verandah, walkway or path because they will protrude out from the building and become a hazard. Awning windows are available in manual wind or motorised varieties. The motorised option can even be fitted with moisture sensors to detect moisture in the air and automatically close if it is raining. Now that’s a smart window!
Awning windows are a great option for your home where access is limited due to furniture, benches or height. These windows easily push out from the bottom and when open, they give good ventilation and protection from light rain protection. When closed they are sealed against the cold winds and outside weather conditions

Double Hung Windows

Double hung windows are two window halves that move up or down within the one frame. They are designed with simplicity and functionality in mind, in summer allow the hot air to out through the top and allow the lovely afternoon sea breeze to come in through the bottom.

It is easy to regulate the ventilation in your home with Double hung windows because both the top and bottom windows open. They can be opened as much or as little as you need, independently of each other to provide excellent air circulation. In winter you can have a small amount of fresh air come into your room from the bottom without losing all your heat out the top.

Affinity Double Hung WindowsToday’s double hung windows are a modern refinement on timeless classic and suit all styles of houses.

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