Will a pet door compromise my home’s security?

Doggy DoorDo you have pets at home? If yes, you probably have a pet door or thinking about having one. You love your pets and you want them to feel at home and be able to go in and out as they need. However, will installing a pet door compromise my home security?

Pet doors

Having pet doors is a good idea to make sure your pets will enjoy freedom plus, you don’t have to open/close the door when they want to go out. It’s less hassle for you, right?

However, if you are concerned with your safety, you should start questioning the reliability of a pet door. A pet door can serve as an opening leading into your home which is and unfortunately can cause these problems:

  • Allows intruders to enter your home
  • Small child can gain access to your home
  • It can weakens the mesh on your door

In general, pet doors can weaken the security of your door and your home. So, yes, pet door can compromise your homes security. Despite the durability, strength and security level of your security door, it cannot give you full security assurance if you install a pet door.

Isn’t it the main reason why you invested in a security door in the first place? You might want to consider your safety first before having a pet door installed.

Still want a pet door installed?

If, despite the compromise in your security, you still want to have a pet door installed, good news!

You can have a pet door installed but make sure you let the professionals do it for you. A professional installer knows how to do the installation while decreasing your risk of danger.

Here are some ideas to add to your security:

  • Sensor light. There are lights that come on when sensors detect movement. Some sensors have a weight rating so if you have a small dog or cat you can set them low preventing the lights going off when the pass but anything bigger will trigger the light.
  • Pet door sensors that are designed only unlock the door when the collar worn by your pet is within a few feet. This can help stop other cats or dogs entering you home too.
  • Deadlocks on all the doors and windows. Make sure that the other openings to your home are secured and properly lock. Some insurance companies have made lock mandatory on their policies. If an intruder comes in through the pet door locks also makes sure they can’t get out carrying your valuables.
  • Lock your pet door when you are out with your pet. When not in use, lock your pet door – don’t give those bad people a chance to get in.

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