What is the difference between a Security doors and a barrier door

Flyscreen doors huge range available at Aspired Aluminium & GlassWorried about your security? Perhaps its time to invest in a good security door. In these times of uncertainties, it is always a good idea to be prepared. You’ll never know when the bad guys will might be around. You might just need a visual barrier so they move on to somewhere else.

What is a security door?

A security door is designed to withstand forced entry. If an unwanted visitor comes to your door, a security door will serve as your first form of defense and provide protection. Most security doors are built to resist force entrance – they are sturdy, hard to break into and when all else fails, they will make an shocking sound when someone tries to force them and you will be informed about a forced entry attempt.

What about barrier doors?

One of the most common question is what is the difference between a Security doors and a barrier door. Barrier door is NOT a type of security door, and they don’t function like that of a security door. They don’t ward off burglar attack, but instead, they are designed to resist insects. A barrier door lets you enjoy an insect free indoor environment. Barrier doors are great in places where you don’t need security or the security is taken care of in another way.

If you are still not sure with these two, it’s easy to tell one from the other. Security doors offer protection from theft and other criminal acts, is strong and has multiple anchor points. On the other hand, a barrier door lets you repel insect attack so you and your pet can enjoy a lazy afternoon / evening without worrying of insects interrupting your quality time together.

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Barriers doors are available in sliding and hinged doors. Security doors are also available in a variety of styles with extra features for you to enjoy. If you need a security or barrier door, contact Aspired Aluminium& Glass. We will give you a free measure and quotes. Ring us now so we can give you options and install the door that best suits your needs.