Wardrobe Shelving

8 Steps to having an organised walkin robe

tailored-solutions-bedroom-01What did your wardrobe look like when you got up this morning?

Was it neatly arranged with everything any to find?

Or does your clothes leaking out of your closet?

Most of us have nightmares about steeping into our walkin robes, will we ever find our way out again!

Time to get serious

Step 1. Measure your robe space; get your house plans if you still have them.

Step 2. Take your measurements and go to Wardrobe World Bunbury – 12 Denning Rd and see what shelving systems are available.

Step 3. Get a free quote on your new shelving requirements

Step 4. Order your new shelves

Step 5. Remove everything from your walk in and install your new shelves

Step 6. Be ruthless. If you haven’t worn it in the last 12 months put it in a box, not back in your walk in. Then you can decide whether to store the box in the roof space or garage or give it to a charity shop for them to find a new owner for your treasured piece of clothing.

Step 7. Only put things into your wardrobe that fit and you really will wear.

Step 8. Stand in the door way and admire your beautiful new shelves, clean organized walk in and all your hard work.

tailored-solutions-bedroom-02Keeping your walk in organise will be a breeze

Now your walk in is organised it will be a breeze to keep that way. You will easily be able to pick out your favourite jeans and that special top to get ready for the party, your shopping trip or just lounge around in front of the fire this winter.

Your walk in will never give you nightmares again.

Wardrobe World Bunbury

At Wardrobe World Bunbury we have a huge range of shelving systems that will suit your budget and need. We have practical ventilated shelving, baskets right through to complete draw sets. Wardrobe World has the perfect storage solutions for you. We have adjustable wall mounted wardrobe shelving system that has endless storage combinations to meet your families ever changing needs. Beautiful shelving helps to reduce the clutter in your wardrobe and help to keep things organised for you.

Aspired Aluminium & Glass are Wardrobe World Bunbury. Talk to us about your wardrobe needs, including sliding doors and complete wardrobes as well. Call us Wardrobe World Bunbury at 9791 5500 for all your wardrobe needs.

Where to buy the best wardrobes in Bunbury

Where to buy the best wardrobes in Bunbury

Contempo Wardrobe ShelvingStorage has become one of the most common problems for homeowners. With so many things to arrange and little space, you might find it hard to store your stuff. It is not possible to leave those things lying just anywhere because it is,

  • Plain untidy
  • Will pose trip hazard
  • You can’t find anything

Finding the perfect place to store things can be tricky and you don’t have enough floor space. This is the main reason why most people look up and use shelving and wardrobes to store their stuff.

The perfect wardrobe shelving in Bunbury

To store your personal things, wardrobe shelving is the best. This type of shelving methods allows you to keep your things in a safe place, off the floor and with the option of behind closed doors. With wardrobe shelving, you can:

  • Hide your stuff
  • Hang your stuff
  • Find your stuff
  • Keep your room neat and tidyBaby shelving

No more irritating moments when you can’t seem to find your stuff!

Wardrobe shelving can make your life easier and extra comfortable!

Aspired Aluminium& Glass in Bunbury, are licensed Wardrobe WorldBunbury outlet.

Where to get the best wardrobe shelving in Bunbury?

We can provide you with your wardrobe shelving needs, doors, and mirrors; everything you need to hide / find or organize your stuff.

We offer a comprehensive range of high quality storage solutions just for you.

Where to buy the best wardrobes in Bunbury

Aspired Aluminium& Glass in Bunbury, everything about looking after your stuff properly. For the best wardrobe shelving in Bunbury, contact them on 9791 5500.

Call us now to  discuss  your wardrobe shelving needs and end your storage problem now and we even offer FREE real customer service!

5 clutter culprits you should know to clean your wardrobe

tailored-solutions-bedroom-02Okay, your wardrobe is bursting with clothes! What to do now? Most of us will do anything to avoid cleaning out our wardrobe. Why do we procrastinate? It means letting go of some of your clothes. However, your wardrobe cannot accommodate anymore; maybe you should think about donating the old ones to make room for your new purchases?

Clutter culprits you should know

Here you go:

Out with the old, in with the new!So, how do you know when is the time to part with an item inside your wardrobe? Well, here are 5 clutter culprits to ditch now that can help you deal with your wardrobes storage issues:

The 2 week rule.If something still has a tag on it after you bought it two weeks ago, let it go. Unless you are planning to wear it to a special event or occasions, chances are, you’ll never get to wear it again.

Make the cut. Did you buy an item ages ago because you liked its cut but don’t have plans on wearing it any time soon? Get rid of it and move on! Instead, buy something that complements your body type. After all, it’s more comfortable to wear clothes that fit you perfectly and flatter your figure.

Don’t keep small clothes. You do because you want to be motivated to lose that extra weight. Don’t be too harsh on yourself. Yes, you may lose weight, and the outfit will fit, but then, it will only be outdated, the wrong colour, pattern or remind you of a different time.

tailored-solutions-bedroom-01Bye bye love. If you and your partner break up, why keep items that will only remind you of the person? Let go of the gifts your partner gave you, sell them on bidding wars and make a few dollars. You don’t only make it easier on your part; you can purchase something you’ve been looking at with the extra cash you make.

No pain, more gain. Do you have an item that you wear but it’s uncomfortable? For example, a really gorgeous looking pair of shoes that just don’t fit right and squash your toes? Ditch them instantly. Go for comfort – not the speed! There’s an array of items that are both beautiful and comfortable to wear – so, don’t hold back!

5 clutter culprits you should know to clean your wardrobe

Hopefully, these hints might motivate you to clean your wardrobe. After all, an extra space inside your wardrobe will come in very handy.

For more storage space solutions, contact Aspired Aluminium & Glass. We are Wardrobe World Bunbury and we offer many kinds of wardrobe shelving to suit your needs and taste. Ring us now on 9791 5500 or visit us at 12 Denning Road in Bunbury. We’d love to help you out.


How to design a wardrobe shelve for two people?

wardrobe shelvingSharing a room? Whether it’s a partner or a family member, the first thing you think about is sorting your clothes and personal belongings. If adding another wardrobe shelve is not appropriate due to lack of space, why not share the shelves together? It may seem inconvenient at first sight but it can be done.

Is it really possible for two people to share wardrobe shelving?

Yes, it doesn’t matter how big or small your space is because you can always create a practical and well organised wardrobe design that will work best for two people. For a space that you and another can appreciate, here are things you can consider when designing a wardrobe for two:

Start with the basics

Who will use the wardrobe and how much space will each person need? Once you have these questions sorted out, you can move to other things such as space needed for folding, hanging and how much is needed for storing shoes etc.

Divide the space

A centre tower of drawers or shelves can be the best and most functional way to create a division. Discuss with the other person in question, their expectations and what they require. Inform them that by having a division, will allow both of you to accommodate each other’s style of organising.

Getting an agreement

Always discuss the details with the other person. If it’s your partner, you can let them know about your plans –involving them along the way and sharing ideas.

How to design a wardrobe shelve for two people?

A shared wardrobe is possible. When planned properly, it can be an effective and convenient storage area for both parties. It’s not about the space – it’s how you utilise the area. For all your wardrobe shelving needs, contact Aspired Aluminium & Glass.

We are your Wardrobe World in Bunbury. Our wardrobe shelves are designed to accommodate your storage needs. Ring us today for a free quote.


5 Reasons to choose Aspired Aluminium & Glass when buying a new wardrobe

Wardrobe World BunburyNeed a new wardrobe but not sure where to start?

Aspired Aluminium & Glass is the only licenced wardrobe world dealer in Bunbury. Why buy a wardrobe from us:

  1. High quality
  2. Customdesigned
  3. Professionally installed
  4. Unique range
  5. Cost effective

High quality

Aspired Aluminium & Glass offers you wardrobe with exclusive quality. Using durable materials, we guarantee you get what exactly what you are looking for.

Our wardrobes are made to pass the relevant Australian Standards, giving you peace of mind.

Custom designed

Have something in mind for your wardrobe design? We can put that imagination into reality! Aspired Aluminium & Glass is your reliable tradesmen who mean quality workmanship that will leave a smile on your face. We are well trained and equipped with skills to provide what you deserve. Our wardrobes are modular so we can design them to fit your space and needs. We also have shelving for your laundry, garage and pantry too.

Professionally installed

You can go for the DIY option or have your new wardrobe professionally installed. We pay attention to detail to make sure you get a finished product that you are really happy with.

Unique range

Looking for something new? Try to check our options available such as Modulo Design, ClosetMaid Ventilated and Contempo.

  • Choose Modulo Design to convey a stylish look, versatile European styling.
  • Or ClosetMaid Ventilated to double the useable storage space in your wardrobe.
  • Use Contempo to add value to your home with its modern wardrobe system, creating a contemporary feel all the time.

Storage combinations are only limited to your imagination.

Cost effective

No need to invest on expensive wardrobe when you can have it in a very reasonable price. Get the benefits you deserve, save time and money!

5 Reasons to choose Aspired Aluminium & Glass when buying a new wardrobe 

  1. Quality,
  2. Customised to you,
  3. DIY or Installed,
  4. Range
  5. and Cost

Call Aspired Aluminium & Glass – Wardrobe World™ Bunbury, your wardrobe world dealer on 9791 5500 to talk about your needs and queries. We are always happy to help you, drop into the showroom 12 Denning Rd, Bunbury.

5 things to do before you organise your wardrobe

  • Wardrobe Shelving from Wardrobe World™Can you find your favourite jeans in 30 seconds?
  • Are your gym clothes all over the place?
  • Does your cupboard explode all over the floor every time you open it?

If you answered yes, then your wardrobe needs some organising.

Where should you start when organising your wardrobe?

Starting can sometimes be a daunting task for something that is a relatively easy task. When you are faced with a cupboard full of clothes, you might just change your mind and feel like running away!

Guess what, they will still be here when you get back and you will waste even more time whenever you need something from your wardrobe.

Here are some tips to overcome your fear of the  . . . . dreaded wardrobe!

If the thought of organising your wardrobe scares you, how do you start to organise it?

Here’s a checklist of 5 things to do before you organise your wardrobe so you don’t end up getting discouraged:

  1. Choose a time to organise
  2. Allow enough time
  3. Locate a donation center
  4. Sort your clothes
  5. A step by step plan

When should you organise your cupboard? There are moments in your life when you should start organising your cupboard such as when it becomes a total mess, when the season changes, when you are having a baby, moving house, doing renos or any time you can’t find what you need quickly.

Allow enough time

Can you spare your whole Saturday morning? It might take you 3 hours or more to organise your cupboard so make sure you have enough free time. No point starting and not having enough time to finish the job, you are likely to rush it and create an even more mess.

Locate a donation center

Try to find a donation center where you can donate your clothes that you no longer use. It’s easier to let go of your favourite jeans that doesn’t fit anymore if it’s for a good cause, right?  Take your bags to the op shop as soon as possible so you are not temped just to put these clothes that you really don’t need anymore, back into your cupboard.

Sort your clothes

Have a sorting system before you begin. Decide which clothes you should get rid and what is right to hold on. Be hard on yourself, are you really even going to fit back into that? You haven’t worn it for years are you likely ever again? Think about packing your winter clothes in a box and store it in the roof or your garage until next season.

Do you have something that you love, but don’t want to pay to get it fixed? Let go of it. Decide what you should move on to a good home (someone elses home) and what you are going to keep.

Planning on losing some weight? Well, wouldn’t it be great to have a reward afterwards and get some new clothes? In the meantime, your cupboard won’t be cluttered up with clothes you can’t wear.

A step by step plan

Come up with a plan and stick with it. This will help you stay motivated and stay on track. Organising your wardrobe might be tough, but doing these things will make your life a lot easier and simpler.

Can your wardrobe cope?

If your wardrobe is just not cutting it and after a good clean up still won’t do the job, it might be time for a replacement.  Contact Aspired Aluminium& Glass, we are your licensed Wardroble World dealer in Bunbury. At Wardroble World Bunbury we have a range of wardrobes and shelving systems to fit your requirements. Call or drop into our showroom at 12 Denning Road Bunbury and we can show you the options available. Measure and quotes are free, what are you waiting for call today on 9791 5500.

Winter Wardrobe Get Organised Before Spring

tailored-solutions-bedroom-01What do you hate the most when the season is about to change? Lots of people don’t like change and now are stressing about their winter wardrobe!

Easy fix, winter wardrobe get organised before spring. Then when spring comes you won’t have to stress about what to wear because you will be able to find your clothes easily.

How to organise your wardrobe

Before the season change, brace yourself or rather, your wardrobe – out with the old, in with the new. Anything that doesn’t fit, you don’t like or really has seen better days, it’s time to move it on. Pull ALL your clothes out so you can get a really good look at what you have.

Well, a cuppa and heater can give you warm but your clothes can keep you comfortable wherever you go so, go, start organising your wardrobe and make it autumn ready.

Where to start

If you have ignored your wardrobe for too long, now is the perfect time to give it a makeover. Wouldn’t it be much convenient and easier to find clothes that could match every occasion and situation you need them for? Well, you can do it, first you have to deal with your wardrobe, get organised.

When organising your wardrobe, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Keep clothes that are perfect for the current season. For example, since spring will be here anytime, keep clothes that are designed to combat chilly mornings such as long sleeves, jackets and coats close.
  • The number of clothes you want. Do you really need all those jackets? Pick out a few good standbys and a couple of going out jackets and then real assess the others. You can always mix and match your clothes to create varied looks and styles. Remember quality over quantity and layers. Have clothes that suit a few seasons.
  • Segregate properly into seasons. If there are clothes you don’t use anymore, get rid of it. Move on old clothes that needs a new home, time to give it away to your friend, sister or to a charity. If they have really had it use them as a rag or just bin it.

Organise your wardrobe by seasons or clothes, make it easy to find what you need. You might even like to treat yourself with something new for all your hard work, but don’t fall into old habits, make sure the new item is really useful and can be added to your clothing style

Wardrobe just not cutting it?

You have done the hard work and cleared out all the unwanted and unnecessary items that were in your wardrobe but your wardrobe still isn’t cutting it time for some help. Get a new wardrobe!

Contact Aspired Aluminium & Glass for your wardrobe and wardrobe shelving. We are Wardrobe World in Bunbury and your wardrobe specialist servicing Bunbury and the surrounds. Ring us on 9791 5500 and let’s discuss your wardrobe options.We have a full range of wardrobe displays at our showroom 12 Denning Road, Bunbury. We have the answer to your wardrobe problems.

Looking for a Storage Solutions or Shelving for Your Laundry

shelvingTired of the mess?

Need to sort out your laundry?

Wardrobe World have the solution and shelving for you which is prefect to organise any laundry.

Since the laundry is often out of site it can quickly become an eyesore, where junk, especially things you don’t use all the time is dumped.

Is it the storage solution?

Step 1. Sort of what is in your laundry and what needs to stay. For some of those unused items, do you really need to keep them? Yes, then do they need to stay in the laundry is the walk in or your garage a better place to store them?

Step 2. Get a permanent storage solution to your storage issue. At Wardrobe World we have a range of shelving, baskets and hooks that are perfect to organise your laundry.

Shelving for your laundry

When you start to lose control, don’t lose hope. You can always do something to make things work out for you. In order to keep things in place, consider shelving. Shelves are a great idea for creating more spaces, just the way you like it.

With shelves, baskets and hooks you can tidy everything up and maximise the space available. Best of all, you can categorise your things – start from the most useful down to the least use things. Shelving also lets you get the things that you need faster and quicker.

Keeping an organise laundry and you will find it much easier to do the washing and get the items you need when you need them.

For your shelving and storage solution needs, contact Aspired Aluminium & Glass. We are Wardrobe World Bunbury and we offer quality shelves and storage option for you. Best of all, we love helping you and your family! Call us now at 9791 5500 or pop in to our showroom at 12 Denning Road Bunbury and let’s discuss your needs.

An Easy Pantry Storage Solution for You

Pantry Shelving from Wardrobe World™Storing foods? That would be great – being able to take advantage of buying things when they are on special. However if your pantry is loaded and the prevail black hole you will never find them again. Is your kitchen a total mess with your pantry spilling out onto the floor?

Time to take action! You need proper pantry shelving.

A place for everything

There is a place for everything and everything in its place.

For organising your pantry, choose pantry shelving that fits and suits the purpose don’t just make do.

Easy pantry storage solution

You don’t need to go through expensive renovations or redesign your kitchen – shelving can do the trick. Pantry shelving can let you organise your foods; group them together according to their purpose – herbs, spices, condiments all together. You will even feel like cooking when you can easily access the ingredients you need.

Even if you don’t have a pantry cupboard, you can create shelving directly against a wall.

If you are looking for ways to organise your kitchen, consider adding shelves to your pantry. You can see all that you have in stock at once and if the shelves get a little messy? You can close the door and make your kitchen tidy, quite easy and simple.

An Easy Pantry Storage Solution

You bet! If you are you looking for pantry shelving, contact Aspired Aluminium & Glass, we are Wardrobe World Bunbury and offer a range of shelving for your needs – whether it’s for your pantry, bedroom, garage or any other room, we have a storage solution for you. Call us at Aspired Aluminium& Glasson 9791 5500 or drop into our showroom 12 Denning Rd Bunbury for a free quote.

Wardrobes Bunbury – Where to Buy the Best Wardrobes in Bunbury

wardrobe2Want to make your life more organise? Use wardrobes. The main purpose of a wardrobe shelf is to organise all your things in a manner that you can find them easily when you need them.

An organised wardrobe means you can:

  • Saves time
  • Let go of what you don’t need anymore
  • Simplify your routine

When you have a great wardrobe, you can find what you are looking for, items don’t get lost and know what you have and where it is.

Need to update your wardrobe, renovating or building a new home?

Where to Buy the Best Wardrobes in Bunbury?

Wardrobe World Bunbury of course, 12 Denning Rd, Bunbury

Wardrobe World

There are so many wardrobes available today but for the best value for your money, choose Wardrobe World. At Wardrobe World Bunbury we offer:

  • Unmatched style
  • Superior quality
  • Longevity and durability
  • Variety of wardrobe designs
  • Free advice with many years’ experience

Wardrobe World believes that being organised is a great way to make a happy home!

Where to buy the best wardrobes in Bunbury?

If you are in Bunbury and you are looking for a wardrobe to suit your lifestyle and make your life a bit organise, why not check with Aspired Aluminium & Glass? Aspired Aluminium & Glass we are Wardrobe World Bunbury. We are the sole dealer authorised Wardrobe World in the area – don’t worry, we can cater your needs even when you’re not in Bunbury. If you happen to live nearby, good news – just call us at 9791 550 or drop into the showroom at 12 Denning Rd, Bunbury, next time you are in Bunbury.

Wardrobe World Bunbury more than just bedroom wardrobe, garage shelving, laundry shelves, pantry storage, get your life organize with one of our storage solutions. Wardrobe World  Bunbury on 9791 5500.