Stacking Doors

Why installing stacking doors to your home is a great investment?

glass by AAGAre you bored with your door? Nowadays, many homeowners are looking for creative door options instead of installing standard doors. Installing the right door doesn’t just instantly uplift the appearance of your home, but it can also allow you to bring the outdoor view inside! You get to enjoy the most of the views your home offers!

Are stacking doors for you?

When you are in the process of getting a reno or building your home, you can look for different door options. A great choice is installing a stacking door. Stacking doors look similar with a sliding door when closed except that they are made up of more moving panels. Each panel collects and interlocks with the next panel, causing it to slide.

Stacking doors can slide away to the very edge of your wall giving the perfect indoor / outdoor feel, extending your living space can be so easy.

4 reasons you should consider installing stacking doors in your home:Centor Stacking Glass Doors

  1. You can extend your view
  2. Control the temperature inside the room
  3. Control the amount of natural light
  4. Affordable

You can extend your view

Open up your back yard and view it from your living or dining room. Stacking doors can be opened right up and will takeup a lot less space than a standard door. Their aluminium frames are quite thin in design which offers you wide and unobstructed views into your patio area, backyard or external view.

Control the temperature inside the room

For colder days, you can close it to prevent the cold breeze from entering or open it during hot summer days to keep you feeling fresh.

window glassControl the amount of natural light

Compared to other doors, a stacking door has panels of the glass area which can lessen the need to use artificial lighting during daytime. It can give you full control over the amount of light you want in your room.


When compared to other non standard styles of glass door type windows, installing a stacking door can be very affordable.Let the outside in and enjoy your view plus have quality doors that will really last.

Why installing stacking doors to your home is a great investment?

If you are looking for beautiful, quality doors that can take your living area to the next leave, look no further than stacking doors.

Contact Aspired Aluminium & Glass for all your stacking door needs. We can supply and / or install a huge range of different types of doors including stacking doors to suit all types of homes. Call Aspired Aluminium& Glass todayon 9791 5500 and let’s discuss the right door options for your home.