Tips for cleaning your glass kitchen splashbacks

Modern Glass SplashbackWant to make a great style statement behind a sink or stove? Install a glass kitchen splashbacks. If the kitchen is your favourite place  in the house, you might want to jazz it up  with a gorgeous glass splashback.

Splashbacks are right for you

A splashback will make your kitchen, modern looking. It adds a touch of class and elegance, creating a unique look, you will end up wanting to spend your entire time in your kitchen. However, there is more to splashbacks than meets the eye. Aside from making a stylish statement, splashbacks has an important job to do, protect your wall. When installed in splash and the spatter prone areasplashbacks as the name suggests prevent splashes on your walls. They prevent damage and make it easier to clean up any mess.

However, over time they can get dirty if not cleaned regularly.

Your splashback needs to be cleaned

Remember, your kitchen is one of the busiest parts of your home. At the end of the day, your splashback can become dirty and stained with greasy splatters from the lovely feast you prepared throughout the day. This, needs to be clean. The key is to clean your splashbackis to do it regularly before the food can harden and become difficult to remove.

Here are some tips for cleaning your glass kitchen splashbacks:

cleaning checklistClean up immediately

When you see stains of splashes on your splashback, clean them immediately. It’s best to clean them when they are still fresh rather than keeping it for later. Stubborn stains are so much harder to clean, especially if they have been left for a while.

Use mild cleaners

Do not use abrasive cleaners as this might scratch and ruin your splashback instead of making it shiny and clean. Choose a cleaner that best suits your glass kitchen splashback and follow the instructions. You can ask a professional for some advice.

Has your splashback seen better days, you don’t have one or you need a replacement? For all your kitchen splashbacks needs, contact Aspired Aluminium & Glass. We offer glass kitchen splashbacks installation services for you. Ring us now for a free measure and quote, you will be surprised at how affordable your new splashback will be and the huge difference it will make in your kitchen. Call Aspired Aluminium & Glass on 9791 5500 for all your glass needs.

FAQ’s about splashbacks you should know!

Modern Glass SplashbackInstalling a splashback becomes a common thing to do nowadays. Many people are installing splashbacks. The reasons vary from one person to another. While some people want to install it to enhance their kitchen’s appearance, some love it because it makes kitchen cleaning easier. Generally, a splashbackis installed because of its functionality and decorative properties.

First time to install a splashback?

Chances are, you have a lot of questions about it. Here at Aspired Aluminium& Glass, we have received a lot of questions regarding our splashbacks. Because we value our customers and want to help, we have compiled some of the frequently asked questions for your convenience:

Where can I install a splashback?

Splashbacks are common in kitchens, but it doesn’t mean it is the only place where you can have it. You can install it in your bathroom and shower if you choose to. It can be professionally installed and sealed to ensure moisture will not get in, preventingmould from occurring.

Is a glass splashback heat resistant?

Yes – our glass splashbacks can be toughened which means, they can resist heat. The toughening process may also ensure you of a scratch and chip resistant splashback, so you’ll get to enjoy it for many years.

Is it safe to install?

Absolutely –our glass splashbacksis designed to meet the Australian standard.

kitchen splashbackWhat colours are available?

We have an array of colours – talk to our friendly staff about what colour you would like and your other concerns regarding our splashbacks.

Can I fit the splashback on top of my existing tiles?

It is possible, but we highly recommend that we remove the tiles first and replace it with a glass splashback – allowing you to enjoy your splashback for longer.

FAQ’s about splashbacks you should know!

Do you have more questions about our splashbacks? For all your enquiries, contact Aspired Aluminium & Glass on 9791 5500 or pop in and check out our showroom. We’ll be happy to help you out anytime.

3 important things to consider when buying glass splashbacks

Modern Glass SplashbackTired of dealing with stains and grease in your kitchen? Who doesn’t when they look gross and make your kitchen unhygienic! If you want to address the issue, installing a kitchen splashback is a good option for you.

Are splashbacks a good investment?

They are a great addition to your kitchen as they make the area cleaner and, well, splashbacks can also be a decorative piece of detail. In fact, they can be your kitchen’s focal point. In modern kitchens, splashbacks are very common. They come in different materials and designs. Stainless steel splashbacksare one of the most popular choices for many homeowners.

Glass splashbacks

These are splashbacksthat are designed to avoid grease, stain marks and splatter on your kitchen wall. Before you go and make a purchase, here are some important tips when buying stainless steel splashbacks. Glass comes in lots of colours and can complement your kitchen or be a feature in its own right. Glass splashbacks are classy and stylish fitting into any style of home from heritage to modern.

Height of the splashback

Make sure you measure its height properly. It should be a few centimetres above the bench surface. However, if you cook with an electric stove, its height should be taller.

Thickness of the splashback

Ensure you buy an adequately sized and thick splashback,to avoid splatters on your walls and cabinets.

Check the cost first

Glass splashbacks are great and are the perfect addition to any kitchen. They are extremely durable and very easy to clean.

Glass splashbacks will look fantastic in your kitchen creating the right feel and tone. If you do follow these tips first, you will get the best splashback that both you and your kitchen deserve.

Want to install a kitchen splashback? Contact Aspired Aluminium & Glass for more details. We offer splashback installation, doors as well as windows.We also install durable products such as bathroom glass, decorative glass and wardrobe shelving too! Ring us now for a free measure and quote.

5 mistakes you probably make when buying glass splashbacks

Modern Glass SplashbackGlass splashbacks can make your kitchen look stunning. It’s a worthy addition simply because it is not just functional but can enhance the overall look of your kitchen – from drab to fab. When shopping for glass splashbacks, there are common mistakes that most people tend to do:

Splashback mistakes

Splashbacks mistakes can be prevented but sadly, they happened a lot probably because people are trying so hard to fit into their budget. A tight budget doesn’t mean you can’t purchase a durable and good looking splashback. Your splashback is going to be in your kitchen for a long time, so make sure you choose a good one.

5 mistakes you can make when buying glass splashbacks and you didn’t even know it!

1. Not get a sample.

You don’t take a glass sample first. It is important to know that not all glasses are the same. They are different so they also have different effect on your kitchen. The sample should reveal a lot about the splashback. It’s a good way to try the product first before purchasing it.

2. You don’t ask for a warranty.

Always ask for a warranty. Some splashbacks manufacturers only give you a warranty when you ask for it. A warranty can give you an assurance that your investment is protected.

3. You install it yourself.

Unless you have a lot of installing experience, you have to leave the installation process on the experts. Glass is a delicate material so let the professional do the installation.

4. You don’t consult with an expert.

What is the best glass coloured splashback for your kitchen? Do you need to add lights? An expert can give you good recommendations and advice that will surely make your kitchen look more stunning.

5. You don’t check the glass material.

Glass splashbacks are made from different glasses. To get the most of your glass splashback, check the glass quality and durability. This will let you enjoy your splashback for a long time.

5 mistakes you probably make when buying glass splashbacks

For your splashback needs, contact Aspired Aluminium & Glass. We offer quality, affordable, durable glasses and splashbacks. We only use highest quality materials to make your house a home. Ring us now for a free quote.


3 creative uses of glass in your home

Mermaid Screen by Aspired Aluminium and GlassHome improvements projects are important to create a huge difference, at an affordable price and here at Aspired Aluminium & Glass, we specialise in creating bespoke glass products to enhance your interior design and be creative with your home!

Uses of glass in your home

You’ll be surprised at how flexible glasses can be. They don’t just offer your home a contemporary look but they can be a functional part too. Here are 3 creative uses of glass in your home you might not know.

Custom made showerscreens

Add a WOW factor to your bathroom with a custom made showscreen.

You can have a picture that suits your theme or desire. A gorgeous mermaid, a perfect butterfly or your favourite flower. You are only limited by your imagination when it comes to custom made showscreen designs.


Glass splashbacks can be your kitchen’s most outstanding feature. They can be a good alternative for standard tile splashback and because they come in a variety of colours, you can make it a statement piece. With glass splashbacks, they are very easy to clean – just wipe it down with a clean damp cloth and all the stains are gone in an instant! No grout or uneven edges for food scrapes to get caught in.

Modern Glass Mirror available at Aspired Aluminium & GlassPatterned glasses

You want to improve the internal or external appearance of your home? The use patterned glasses can help you out. With a range of various styles and designs at Aspired Aluminium& Glass, you can be sure to find the right type of glass that will suit your taste. Taste, style and allows the light in, perfect for dark internal rooms.

Mirrored wardrobe and walls

They are a perfect asset to any home, adding depth to any room and create a widening look to smaller spaces by reflecting light. Available in a wide range of colours and designs, Aspired Aluminium& Glass mirror product can be fit to any shape or size. We also supply mirrored wardrobe doors too.

4 creative uses of glass in your home

Glass really in timeless and have a huge range of uses in your home. For bespoke glass products from a reliable glass supplier, contact Aspired Aluminium & Glass. We offer the highest quality of glass that can be cut to your desired size and shape. Ring us now for free quote.

Glass splashback – what colour do you choose?

kitchenHaving problems in matching your splashback with your bench top? Follow these tips to choose the perfect colour to create an amazing feel in your kitchen.

  1. Harmonious schemes
  2. Contrasting colours
  3. Neutral colours
  4. Light and dark

Harmonious schemes

Choose similar tones to tie the look of your bench top and splashback together. Use colours like orange and yellow as they perfectly match and create a balanced look, perfectly pleasing to the eye.

Using harmonious colours can create a comfortable atmosphere inside your kitchen especially when guests come for dinner.

Contrasting colours

Add some excitement to your kitchen by using contrasting colours such as olive greens and deep plums. Or use violet as colour of the splashback and yellow for bench top.

Using complementary colours createsa dramatic air in your kitchen just like being somewhere for the very first time.

Neutral colours

Create that elegant and classy feel you desire by using neutral colours. Neutral colours can provide the perfect base for accents of lively colours.

Colours like white, cream and beige are some of the neutral colours you can use any design to suit your taste. Or, you can use a feature colour for your splashback to style with the neutral colours of your bench top, cupboards and walls to make it the focal point in your kitchen.

Light and dark

Expose your splashback by choosing a dark colour while matching it with a light coloured bench top. Your glass splashback will look prestigious in a dark colour when you use light colours for the rest of the appliances and displays in your kitchen.

Glass splashback – what colour to go for?

Mix up your fantastic colour matches and create a lovely atmosphere in your kitchen!

If you need help picking the right colour for your glass splashback, contact Aspired Aluminium & Glass for all your glass solutions. We are your aluminium and glass professionals offering quality service. Ring us today on 9791 5500 or visit our showroom at 12 Denning Road Bunbury to see our displays.  We love helping you and your family!