Sliding glass doors

How to Keep Your Sliding Glass Doors in Shape

centor slidingSliding doors are found in many homes because they provide:

  • Light
  • Access
  • Screened ventilation
  • Don’t take up room inside your room

Sliding doors are perfect especially if you are looking for a door option that doesn’t need a bare wall for full swinging or you are tight on space. There is definite understated elegance to sliding glass doors.

Benefits of a Sliding Glass Doors

Imagine having a door that brings the outside in. By installing sliding glass windows, you are enlarging the outside area by inviting it to your home. The best thing about sliding glass doors is that you don’t need a garden to fully enjoy your sliding glass door. The city lights, ocean views, park opposite, the quirky side street or the view of the neighbourhood have their own charm and can be a borrowed landscape to create a nice effect to your home. Having sliding glass doors can benefit your home in a number of ways. To get the most out of your sliding door and not have to replace it prematurely, you need to do a little maintenance from time to time this will keep your sliding glass door in its best state. Here are some tips on how to keep your sliding glass doors in shape.

Clean the track and wheels

Centor Sliding DoorsSweeping and vacuuming can clean the debris from the track but if you demount the panels, then you can clean and lubricate wheels / rollers. Check if there is any dirt stuck to the wheel / rollers and get rid of it. Prevention is better than cure and a regular check will stop your wheels and rollers having a buildup or dirt and grot had can mark or destroy your rollers.

Replace broken wheels

Does the door bumps along the track, or is it hard to move rather than the smooth glide of when the door was new? One of the wheels might be broken. Replace it immediately to prevent further damage. You can do it on yourself if you are handy or call in a professional handy man to do it for you.

Check the latch

Check the level of the latch to make sure it is still operating properly and that the sliding panel hasn’t moved over time. Sometimes, you may have to make an adjustment to make sure it lines up perfectly and this will allow your door to function correctly. Do these couple of easy checks and enjoy having your sliding glass doors for longer. If you need spare part for your door or need a completely new sliding glass door then Aspired Aluminium & Glass are your professional glass and aluminium people. We offer spare parts to many makes of doors plus a full range of different door for DIY or full installation services – including sliding glass doors.
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Replacing sliding doors, where do I start?

sliding doorsWant to replace your old sliding door with a new one? Improve your home’s energy efficiency, ambience and style. Start by deciding what type of sliding door you would like for your replacement.

You have many different options when replacing your old sliding door, here are 3 of the most popular ones.

  1. French doors
  2. Patio doors
  3. Sliding patio doors

French doors

Want a lovely feel in your home, perfect for that old world romantic charm. Double French doors are great to create a wonderful ambience to any room especially bedrooms. Consider space when thinking of using French doors as they will require a bit larger area to allow them to open. Thus French doors are the perfect fit in a bigger house, large room or area you want to make a statement.

Inward opening, French doors can be team up with security doors outside to still allow air in while maintaining your security.

Centre swing patio doorswindow glass

Centre swing patio doors are great as they look like two French doors sitting side by side, but one side is otherwise fixed and does not open and the other door swing opens back against the fixed panel saving wall space perfect to fit a cosy small area.

When buying centre swing doors you have the option to also get a sliding screen and can save you money and time.

Sliding doors

Modern sliding doors are so much more energy efficient than the old style ones. Sliding glass doors are now made with the same energy efficiency standards as most modern windows and are great to reduce your energy bills. With patio doors, you won’t have to worry about the wind gusts catching your door and slamming them, no more banging doors.

Want amazing doors in your home from decorative to practical or something in between Aspired Aluminium & Glass are the people to see.

Replacing sliding doors where do I start?

Sliding Doors By Aspired Aluminum and Glass

Call Aspired Aluminium & Glass today on 9791 5500 and tell us what you need. Drop into our showroom at 12 Denning Rd, Bunbury to see our many options that we have on display. We can custom made doors and windows to suit your exact requirements, near enough is not good enough so don’t settle for less. At Aspired Aluminium & Glass we offer quality aluminium and glasses that will suit your budget and needs. Call us today!

Where can you use sliding door inside your home?

white kote sliding doorSliding doors are lovely to look at, easy to use and can be a space saver. For these reasons, even though sliding doors have been around for many years, they are still considered stylish,trendy and practical. Sliding doors are a great addition to any home but the question remains, can you use them anywhere?

Where to use sliding doors?

You can use a sliding door anywhere inside your home – even your bedroom! Sliding doors are perfect for places where you want to let in natural light such as your kitchen and living room. Imagine not having to switch on your light because the area is already lit up by the environment. See, sliding doors are not just beautiful to look at; they can actually save on your power bills! They are ideal for areas where you want to have an outlook.

Worried about too much light? Don’t be – you can choose glazing for your sliding door to minimise harmful UV rays entering your home. You can also consider using window treatments such as curtains and blinds to either block the light completely or just to filter it.

Where can you use sliding door inside your home?

In your kitchen, living room, entry way, your bedroom – anywhere inside your home! Installing sliding doors adds an elegant appeal to any home, creating a sleek but simple look. Make sure to hire a professional for your installation to receive the best result.

sliding doorsWhat material can sliding doors be made from?

Sliding doors come in a huge range of materials depending on the use. For large glass doors to frame your outdoor space to wooden hidden sliding door in your bedroom or study right thru to mirrored or vinyl coated wardrobe doors. Sliding doors have many purposes and are very adaptable.

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What are the 3 different types of sliding doors?

sliding doorsAre you considering upgrading your doors at home? When looking for the right door, have you considered sliding doors? Sliding doors offer many benefits, which make them a great option. Here are just a few of them!

  • Ease of use
  • Energy efficient
  • Offers security
  • Space saver
  • Easy access

Are you looking for chic and trendy? Then sliding doors are perfect for your home. With sliding doors, you can have a great view of what’s outside – making even the most cramped rooms feel spacious!

Choosing sliding doors

There’s a wide range of sliding doors available and there are many different styles, not to mention all the extra accessories that can be purchased. To make sure you choose the right type for your home – here are some common types of sliding doors that you should be aware of.

Pocket doors

These are doors have a single panel and no fixed hinges. There is a space between the wall and where the door disappears towhen opened. This type of sliding door is ideal for small spaces where hinges are not required. They are a lot smaller and narrower compared to other sliding doors.

Patio doors

Patio doors have two panels, where one is fixed in place, this is the normal door most people think of as a sliding door. These doors are usually rectangular in size, are broad and made of glass. They are usually large and use more space, which makes them great for patios and other open areas. They are perfect to use as a partition between the living room and the dining room.

Bypass doors

This type of door has two adjacent and fixed panels. They have tracks above and below the door frame. When opened, the door moves in the same direction. A bypass door is larger and requires more space. They are perfect to use as a partition or as wardrobe doors.

What are the 3 different types of sliding doors?

Sliding doors are beautiful and stylish; you just have to make sure to select the door that meets all of your requirements. Whether you are upgrading your door or building a new home, contact Aspired Aluminium & Glass for your door needs. We install aluminium doors and other products such as aluminium windows, mirrors and spare parts. Ring us today for a hassle free measure and quote.

Are sliding windows perfect for your home?

sliding windows AspiredAbsolutely yes! Sliding doors can let the outside in your home, providing unmatched convenience all the time. Here are 4 of the great reasons to use sliding window :

  1. Contemporary look
  2. Improved ventilation
  3. Durable and long lasting
  4. Energy efficient and low maintenance

Contemporary look

Looking for a window that complements your theme and décor? Sliding windows are flexible, providing modern works perfectly with most homes. Sliding windows can slide inside the other window panel or outside to allow sufficient amount of fresh air and natural light.

Sliding windows are ideal for cosy intimate rooms as they don’t take up much space and need no additional opening area, perfect to maximise your rooms area.

Improved ventilation

Sliding windows can provide you with great ventilation. Sliding windows can come in frosted glass or be high up on the wall for areas where privacy is needed like your bathroom and still allow light in too. Simply slide your windows wide enough to allow fresh air in.

Durable and long lasting

Made from durable materials, aluminium sliding windows have unique high performance weather seal that are resistant to any damages such as peel, crack, warp or moisture. No need to worry about corrosion as sliding windows as there is no room for moisture to get trapped and cause you trouble.

Energy efficient and low maintenance

Keep your home cool in the summer and cosy in winter. With its energy efficient glass, you will no longer need to run your heater in winter or aircon except on the hottest of days, during our harsh summer season. With low maintenance, sliding windows can stay in tiptop order for many years to come.

Are sliding windows perfect for your home?

Of course!

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How to secure a sliding door?

Centor Sliding DoorsThe benefits of sliding doors are many including being aesthetically pleasing. However, you may not enjoy the security risks they present. So make sure you do the following to make your sliding door secure from intruders.

  1. Install it properly
  2. Install window film
  3. Use a sliding bolt
  4. Never leave the door open

Install it properly

Sliding doors can be easily lifted off the track if not installed properly. It is best to contact Aspired Aluminium & Glass who provide professional service to secure your doors, reducing the risk of a break-in. Sliding security doors are available to reduce your risk.

Sliding doors are intruders favourites as they are easy to open even if the lock is engaged. To prevent this, install a mechanism that prevents thieves forcing the door slide or lifting it of the tracks.

Install window film

Buy a hard wearing window film from your local glass store, Aspired Aluminium & Glass. Firmly attach it to the glass surface preventing it from shattering and blocking intruders without disturbing your sleep.

Use a sliding bolt

A sliding bolt can be secured to the sliding door frame to prevent the door from moving even if it is lifted off its track.

Never leave the door open

Open doors make intruders feel welcome so make sure to always keep your doors closed and securely locked to ensure extreme security.

How to secure a sliding door?

Follow the above stepsto ensure high security from your sliding doors.

For all your door and window needs security, barrier and custom made call Aspired Aluminium & Glass on 9791 5500 to discuss any of your concerns. We love helping you and your family. Ring us today. All quotes are free.

Great places to use sliding doors

Centor Sliding DoorsSliding doors provide an extra space for your home by not swinging into your living space. Sliding doors come with many options and here are some great uses for sliding doors:

  1. Patio door
  2. Back door
  3. External door

Patio door

Sliding doors are great to use as entrance into your patio. Wow your guests with your awesome sliding door. Using sliding door as your patio door not just saves space but also create that indoor outdoor feel that will makes your guests feel comfy all the time.

Sliding door can allow lots of light to enter your home, perfect to save energy bills.

Back door

Using a sliding door as a back door is great because they are generally twice as wide as regular entry doors; which makes it perfect when you are trying to move furniture and heavy items. Sliding doors also stay open by themselves not more banging doors as the children go in and out.

External door

Make your guests feel enchanted in your home. External doors play a big role for a wonderful presentation of your home. Sliding door can enhance the aesthetics of your home with its charming look.

If you are a shift worker then glass sliding door is perfect for you. Have a sound sleep anytime you want by simply closing your sliding door. Sliding door provides great insulation against the noise outside that may disturb your sleep. Add a security screen door to your internal glass sliding door for instant security, security at a very affordable price.

Great places to use sliding doors

Sliding doors are so versatile, use them as patio door, back door, external door, anywhere that is a small space or you don’t want the hassle of a swinging door.

Looking for the best sliding doors in Bunbury?

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Types of back doors available in Bunbury

Stainless steel mesh doorNeed to change the back doors of your home? Aspired Aluminium & Glass offer you a large range of doors perfect to fit your exact needs. Here are some of our great variations available in Bunbury:

  1. Barrier doors
  2. Security doors
  3. Sliding doors
  4. Hinged doors

Barrier doors

Keep mossies and insects out of your home by simply installing barrier doors. Barrier doors are single-locking screen doors designed to block unwanted guests.  They give you privacy while allowing you to view the outside.  Barrier doors are highly recommended as a back door.

Want to create that perfect look? Barrier doors come in a variety of styles with sliding and hinged variations. Please remember barrier doors are not security doors.

Security doors

Aspired Aluminium & Glass knows that security is a main concern of many people so we offer a large range of security doors for you to choose. Put your mind at rest by installing a security door in your home giving you maximum protection from intruders.

Security doors are great back doors and are available in hinged or sliding variations providing you protection from unwanted invasion and creating an amazing look for your home. We guarantee quality service and products.  Our doors are designed in accordance to Australian Standards. Remember to lock your security door even when you are at home to prevent any unwanted visitors sneaking into your home.

Sliding doors

Need to keep warm air escaping from your home? Sliding doors are a great choice. Sliding doors can team up with security doors to give maximum protection while controlling indoor temperature whether you want your room protected from cold breezes or to allow the mild air in.

Enjoy your sliding doors which provide the perfect access to your back yard.

Hinged doors

Hero Hinged DoorsCreate an awesome look in your room with single or double hinged doors. Hinged doors are available in aluminium and glass options, great for outdoor and indoor use. We also have other hinge door options available, just ask or drop into our showroom. Hinged doors are perfect and come in many configurations that you will love.

A huge range of designs are available from simple single open-in or open-out doors to double glazed double entry doors. Aluminium hinged doors are classy and modern.

If you want durable doors to last for years then you need hinged doors as they are low maintenance and will continue to look stylish and new.

Types of back doors available in Bunbury

These are the 4 great door options to choose from in Bunbury.

Need help installing your back doors?

Aspired Aluminium & Glass can give you professional quality installation service. Call us on 9791 5500 or drop into our extensive showroom at 12 Denning Road, Bunbury to discuss your aluminium and glass needs. Ring us now and experience the difference because we care.