Security Doors

Can your security door be repaired?

Aluminium Innovations Hero DoorFrom time to time, your security door needs to be checked and maintained properly to avoid getting damage. Security doors provide safety for you and your family when you need it the most. That’s why, it’s important to keep them in tip top condition. If you are worried about the security your security door offers, it’s time to take a good look at it.

Security door repairs?

When your security door doesn’t look like it’s working at its best, sticky hinges, any parts not working properly then it needs to be looked at. Here are some signs that your door needs to be repaired?

  • Broken parts
  • Broken wires and screen
  • Shaking
  • Unusual sounds
  • Inconsistent movement

When you have experience any of these signs, your security door needs to have a thorough check up in order to make sure it will work at its peak performance should you ever need it to protect you!

Security door repair Bunbury

Fortunately, most damaged security doors can be repaired – as long as the damage is not severe. Otherwise, you may need a full security door. If your security door needs repair or you need a new one, Aspired Aluminium& Glass is here to help. Our goal is to provide you with a comfortable living environment – that includes ensuring your security doors are durable and can withstand the threat of intrusion.

Your security door is the main security system standing between the outside world and your home. This means that it is important to get your security door repaired as quickly as possible to protect your family’s safety.

Need professional repair services? Contact Aspired Aluminium & Glass for your needs. We service in Bunbury and the surrounds. We are your supplier of aluminium, glass and windows. We also offer installation and repair services – including security door repair. We can come in and repair your damage security door onsite, plus we carry a range of parts and new doors too. Contact Aspired Aluminium & Glass today at 9791 5500 to discuss your needs.

What is the difference between a Security doors and a barrier door

Flyscreen doors huge range available at Aspired Aluminium & GlassWorried about your security? Perhaps its time to invest in a good security door. In these times of uncertainties, it is always a good idea to be prepared. You’ll never know when the bad guys will might be around. You might just need a visual barrier so they move on to somewhere else.

What is a security door?

A security door is designed to withstand forced entry. If an unwanted visitor comes to your door, a security door will serve as your first form of defense and provide protection. Most security doors are built to resist force entrance – they are sturdy, hard to break into and when all else fails, they will make an shocking sound when someone tries to force them and you will be informed about a forced entry attempt.

What about barrier doors?

One of the most common question is what is the difference between a Security doors and a barrier door. Barrier door is NOT a type of security door, and they don’t function like that of a security door. They don’t ward off burglar attack, but instead, they are designed to resist insects. A barrier door lets you enjoy an insect free indoor environment. Barrier doors are great in places where you don’t need security or the security is taken care of in another way.

If you are still not sure with these two, it’s easy to tell one from the other. Security doors offer protection from theft and other criminal acts, is strong and has multiple anchor points. On the other hand, a barrier door lets you repel insect attack so you and your pet can enjoy a lazy afternoon / evening without worrying of insects interrupting your quality time together.

Looking for security or barrier doors? Contact Aspired Aluminium& Glass

Barriers doors are available in sliding and hinged doors. Security doors are also available in a variety of styles with extra features for you to enjoy. If you need a security or barrier door, contact Aspired Aluminium& Glass. We will give you a free measure and quotes. Ring us now so we can give you options and install the door that best suits your needs.

Will a pet door compromise my home’s security?

Doggy DoorDo you have pets at home? If yes, you probably have a pet door or thinking about having one. You love your pets and you want them to feel at home and be able to go in and out as they need. However, will installing a pet door compromise my home security?

Pet doors

Having pet doors is a good idea to make sure your pets will enjoy freedom plus, you don’t have to open/close the door when they want to go out. It’s less hassle for you, right?

However, if you are concerned with your safety, you should start questioning the reliability of a pet door. A pet door can serve as an opening leading into your home which is and unfortunately can cause these problems:

  • Allows intruders to enter your home
  • Small child can gain access to your home
  • It can weakens the mesh on your door

In general, pet doors can weaken the security of your door and your home. So, yes, pet door can compromise your homes security. Despite the durability, strength and security level of your security door, it cannot give you full security assurance if you install a pet door.

Isn’t it the main reason why you invested in a security door in the first place? You might want to consider your safety first before having a pet door installed.

Still want a pet door installed?

If, despite the compromise in your security, you still want to have a pet door installed, good news!

You can have a pet door installed but make sure you let the professionals do it for you. A professional installer knows how to do the installation while decreasing your risk of danger.

Here are some ideas to add to your security:

  • Sensor light. There are lights that come on when sensors detect movement. Some sensors have a weight rating so if you have a small dog or cat you can set them low preventing the lights going off when the pass but anything bigger will trigger the light.
  • Pet door sensors that are designed only unlock the door when the collar worn by your pet is within a few feet. This can help stop other cats or dogs entering you home too.
  • Deadlocks on all the doors and windows. Make sure that the other openings to your home are secured and properly lock. Some insurance companies have made lock mandatory on their policies. If an intruder comes in through the pet door locks also makes sure they can’t get out carrying your valuables.
  • Lock your pet door when you are out with your pet. When not in use, lock your pet door – don’t give those bad people a chance to get in.

Aspired Aluminium & Glass are a licensed window installer in Bunbury. Contact us for all your window/door installation needs. Please do ask questions and raise any concern regarding the installation of pet doors when you phone us. Ring Aspired Aluminium & Glass at 9791 5500, where you get real service.

Choosing the right security doors for your home

security door from Aspired Aluminium & Glass

Nothing goes unsecured in today’s world, you have to keep your personal belongings safe. You keep your car safe and of course you need to keep your home safe too. As crime rates  increase day by day, security has become an important thing. In order to keep your safe home, you should consider installing security doors.

What are security doors?

Security doors for your home is the first line of defence in protecting your family. Remember, the door is the primary entry point for intruders. You can stop them in their tracks if you have installed security doors. They are designed to prevent unauthorized entry from intruders, giving you peace of mind knowing that your home is safe and protected.

Security doors are:

  • Unbreakable
  • Easy to access for the owner

In today’s modern world, gone are the days when you can leave your doors unlocked. With security doors you won’t be leaving your family unsafe and unprotected.

Security doors for you

When choosing the right security doors for your home, there are two main options available for to you:

  • Retractable security doors
  • Security screen doors

These two security door options are a very popular choice for many Australians.

door lockRetractable security doors

There is a wide range of retractable doors to choose from with different colours to match your home design. Retractable security doors are great because:

  • They can be hidden away when not needed
  • They are a strong security barrier giving your home protection
  • They can be in almost any size, thus they can fit for any style of door that you have

Security screen doors

A good alternative option for you and give a visual barrier too. These screens are usually available in two types:

  • Grilled or barred screen doors
  • Steel mesh doors

Whatever type of security screen doors you choose, both offer a good ventilation for your home, which is fabulous in summer; cool and safe. You can leave your house secure without actually closing the door and this allows for the air to move freely through your home.

Need some help choosing the right security doors for your home?

Do you want to install security doors for your home? What are you waiting for, now is the perfect time! Contact Aspired Aluminium & Glass. We have the right security doors for your needs. We offer free measure and quote plus a full installation service. Ring us now and let us help you secure your home today.

Will a security door keep my family safe?

Security door from Aspired Aluminium & GlassHow do you keep your family safe? There are a lot of ways, but the most effective method is to keep your home safe. To ensure this, start with the entryway of your home – your door. Instead of installing an ordinary door or barrier (flyscreen) door , install a security door. Strong and well made security doors can keep the intruders out and can give you peace of mind and letting you sleep easy.

Did you know that installing security doors offers you more than just protection? Here is a list of things a security door provides:

  • Gives a visual barrier to your home
  • Security doors keep intruders away
  • Long lasting

Gives a visual barrier to your home

Strength is created largely by impression and having a strong looking front door goes a long way to prevent your home being chosen as a break in target. If you home looks well-guarded with a strong security door 9 times out of 10 the bad guys will keep going looking for an easier target.

Keeping your home safe has never been this stylish! Installing a security door doesn’t need to look boring. Security doors, aside from offering you safety against burglar attacks and intruders, also come in different designs and styles. With a wide range of options that you can choose, you’ll hardly notice you are installing a security door because it looks like just a typical door.

Security doors keep intruders away!

door lockWhen installing a new security door – you are adding an extra layer of protection to your home. A security door cannot be broken easily by a burglar or a criminal. Imagine being able to simply lock your security door and let the fresh air in without having to worry! Security doors that are teamed up with deadlocks are a great way to protect your home.

Last for a long time

When properly installed, a security door can last for many years without replacement. A little bit of preventive maintenance will see your door last a very long time. You should check the hinges and the locks regularly to ensure that they are in good working order. Making sure that your security door is working properly is very important as it provides the security your family needs. Cleaning the tracks on a sliding security door is a must.

Will a security door keep my family safe?

Yes, you get an attractive door which can keep you safe and look goos too. What more can you ask for?

Do you want to install a security door? Whether it’s a security door or an ordinary door, contact Aspired Aluminium & Glass for all your door needs. We have a wide range of doors you can choose from – ring us today on 9791 5500 and let’s have a chat.

How to choose a quality security door?

security door from Aspired Aluminium & GlassYour home is your castle and keeping your loved ones safe is in everyone’s minds in this busy, crazy world we live in.

With so many burglaries, home invasions and attacks being reported, ensuring your security of your family should be on top of your list, but how? Installing a security door is a quick and easy expression of security.

Installing a security door

Security doors are built to last. They are designed to stay strong so if anyone tries to break in and withstand forced entry. You’ll never know when the bad guys will come and target your home. If you have children, safety is of great importance. Thus it’s a wise idea to install a security door. Security doors are also a visual barrier and often the bad guys will keep going in search of an easier target.

Now you have decided that you need a security door installed, what do you do next?

Make the most of your security door by buying a quality produce and having it installed correctly. When you are looking for a security door, follow these tips to ensure you get a security door with the highest quality.

  • A secure and safe security door has hinges and triple lock installations along with a high quality door handle and bug strips.
  • The raw material used should not just be strong and durable but also contribute to the whole appearance of the door itself.
  • The door should not just look beautiful but allows you to know who is on the other side of the door. That’s how a security door should work.
  • A lock protector should give security for quality indoor living.

How to choose a quality security door?

When choosing a door for your home, you should not only focus on the outside appearance, although this is important alsofocusto your family’s security too.

Do you need a security door installed? Contact Aspired Aluminium & Glass for all your security door installation. We offer installation services on any type of doors – and our products are made from highest quality materials. Ring us today on 9791 5500 for a free measure and quote; Aspired Aluminium & Glass can discuss all your door options.

How much does a security door cost?

security door from Aspired Aluminium & GlassOne of the questions customers frequently ask is ‘How much does a good security door cost?’ Home protection might be on the top of your list, but you want to ensure your new security door won’t cost you your arm, leg and your whole wallet.

Asking this question is valid and very common but there is no definite answer to it. It’s not the same as buying a book or a pair of shoes! When it comes to a security door, there are some things that need to be considered first before coming up with a cost. These include:

Your door frame

If your door frame is uneven or poorly made, it may need to be replaced or repaired. A weak frame will compromise the security and the quality of
your new security door.

Customised security door

Ready to install security doors are available but if your door length and size is not the standard type, you will need your security door customised. That way, you’ll be sure it will fit perfectly.

Installation cost

Depending on your location and situation installation costs can vary greatly. If specialised tool and equipment are needed that may affect your installation costs too.

Aspired Aluminium & Glass security doors are quality, not cheap and nasty!

For quality security doors, contact Aspired Aluminium & Glass. Remember that your security door is a long term investment for your home.  Contact our experienced staff who can advise you on all of your safety requirements.

How much does a security door cost?

Aspired Aluminium & Glass offer free on site quotes so you will know the exact price you need to pay.

Ring us today and let’s discuss your security door options for better peace of mind.

Where to buy a front door in Bunbury?

front_doorNeed to install a front door but don’t know where to buy it in Bunbury?

Aspired Aluminium & Glass is the best place for all your door needs.

5 great reasons to buy front doors at Aspired Aluminium & Glass:

  1. Large range
  2. Repair work if necessary
  3. Local
  4. Affordable price
  5. Custom made

Large range

Need a specific design to fit your home?  We offer a large range of front doors that will perfectly suit your exact requirements.  Our doors come in many configurations, colours, styles and glass types to bring that design you want to both your indoor and outdoor areas.

Repair work if necessary

You don’t need to travel a long distance to have your damaged door repaired.  We can come to your place, assess and fix the damage to your door.  We offer an excellent and professional service that you can rely on.  Your door will function and look like new.  We also sell replacement  parts if you need them.


Want durable doors to stand any harsh weather conditions? We have what you’re looking for! Our doors will never fail to satisfy your style and design.

Having our doors manufactured in accordance with the Australian Standards, provides assurance that our doors are of excellent quality and will withstand the Australian weather conditions. We guarantee you high quality products giving you peace of mind knowing that you have the best door available. We sell a large range of security doors too.

Affordable price

Want instant security that will save you money? Aspired Aluminium & Glass offers you very affordable front doors perfect to suit your budget needs. Our doors are made to match any theme or décor you have inside your home.

We offer you the best products and service at affordable prices.

Custom made

Get the exact fit and style for your front door to suit your home.  We can custom make any front door, no matter how unique it is.  Just tell us your specific requirements and you will be happy with the result. Near enough is not good enough, talk to qualified tradesmen who really care.

Where to buy a front door in Bunbury?

Contact us here at Aspired Aluminium & Glass to buy the ideal front door for your home.

Contact Aspired Aluminium& Glass on 9791 5500 to discuss your needs or visit our showroom at 12 Denning Road, Bunbury to view our displays. Ring us today for a FREE quote!


Types of back doors available in Bunbury

Stainless steel mesh doorNeed to change the back doors of your home? Aspired Aluminium & Glass offer you a large range of doors perfect to fit your exact needs. Here are some of our great variations available in Bunbury:

  1. Barrier doors
  2. Security doors
  3. Sliding doors
  4. Hinged doors

Barrier doors

Keep mossies and insects out of your home by simply installing barrier doors. Barrier doors are single-locking screen doors designed to block unwanted guests.  They give you privacy while allowing you to view the outside.  Barrier doors are highly recommended as a back door.

Want to create that perfect look? Barrier doors come in a variety of styles with sliding and hinged variations. Please remember barrier doors are not security doors.

Security doors

Aspired Aluminium & Glass knows that security is a main concern of many people so we offer a large range of security doors for you to choose. Put your mind at rest by installing a security door in your home giving you maximum protection from intruders.

Security doors are great back doors and are available in hinged or sliding variations providing you protection from unwanted invasion and creating an amazing look for your home. We guarantee quality service and products.  Our doors are designed in accordance to Australian Standards. Remember to lock your security door even when you are at home to prevent any unwanted visitors sneaking into your home.

Sliding doors

Need to keep warm air escaping from your home? Sliding doors are a great choice. Sliding doors can team up with security doors to give maximum protection while controlling indoor temperature whether you want your room protected from cold breezes or to allow the mild air in.

Enjoy your sliding doors which provide the perfect access to your back yard.

Hinged doors

Hero Hinged DoorsCreate an awesome look in your room with single or double hinged doors. Hinged doors are available in aluminium and glass options, great for outdoor and indoor use. We also have other hinge door options available, just ask or drop into our showroom. Hinged doors are perfect and come in many configurations that you will love.

A huge range of designs are available from simple single open-in or open-out doors to double glazed double entry doors. Aluminium hinged doors are classy and modern.

If you want durable doors to last for years then you need hinged doors as they are low maintenance and will continue to look stylish and new.

Types of back doors available in Bunbury

These are the 4 great door options to choose from in Bunbury.

Need help installing your back doors?

Aspired Aluminium & Glass can give you professional quality installation service. Call us on 9791 5500 or drop into our extensive showroom at 12 Denning Road, Bunbury to discuss your aluminium and glass needs. Ring us now and experience the difference because we care.

Where is the best place to buy security doors in Bunbury?

Aluminium Innovations Hero DoorNeed to install security doors but don’t know the best place to buy them in Bunbury? Come see us, Aspired Aluminium & Glass, we are qualified tradesmen who care.

Four great reasons to choose Aspired Aluminium & Glass for your security doors are:

  1. Large Range
  2. Hinged and Sliding Variations
  3. High Quality and Durable Products
  4. Australian Window Association Member.

Large Range

Here at Aspired Aluminium& Glass we offer a large range of security screens for both doors and windows to guarantee you have maximum protection. Made from aluminium and powder coated in various colours, our range of security doors can create a lovely style to match the look of your home.

Hinged and Sliding Variations

We provide hinged and sliding security doors to match the style of your home. They can be either single or double doors, perfect to welcome guests in to your home or access your outdoor living areas.

Our security doors are a great way to allow fresh air into your home while keeping it protected and secure.


All our security doors are built with durable materials to secure your house from unwanted intruders.  Our doors are Australian made so you have peace of mind knowing that you are protecting your home using our great doors.

Australian Window Association Memberawa-logo

Want to ensure quality service and products?  Please see us, Aspired Aluminium & Glass, as we are members of Australian Window Association ensuring you receive consistent quality and workmanship.  All our doors are designed and built  in accordance with the relevant Australian Standards.

Where is the best place to buy security doors in Bunbury?

Aspired Aluminium & Glass have what you need.

Ring us now on 08 9791 5500 for an appointment to discuss your requirements or drop into our showroom at 12 Denning Rd, Bunbury to check our displays.  The options are endless here at Aspired Aluminium & Glass.