Pet door

Will a pet door compromise my home’s security?

Doggy DoorDo you have pets at home? If yes, you probably have a pet door or thinking about having one. You love your pets and you want them to feel at home and be able to go in and out as they need. However, will installing a pet door compromise my home security?

Pet doors

Having pet doors is a good idea to make sure your pets will enjoy freedom plus, you don’t have to open/close the door when they want to go out. It’s less hassle for you, right?

However, if you are concerned with your safety, you should start questioning the reliability of a pet door. A pet door can serve as an opening leading into your home which is and unfortunately can cause these problems:

  • Allows intruders to enter your home
  • Small child can gain access to your home
  • It can weakens the mesh on your door

In general, pet doors can weaken the security of your door and your home. So, yes, pet door can compromise your homes security. Despite the durability, strength and security level of your security door, it cannot give you full security assurance if you install a pet door.

Isn’t it the main reason why you invested in a security door in the first place? You might want to consider your safety first before having a pet door installed.

Still want a pet door installed?

If, despite the compromise in your security, you still want to have a pet door installed, good news!

You can have a pet door installed but make sure you let the professionals do it for you. A professional installer knows how to do the installation while decreasing your risk of danger.

Here are some ideas to add to your security:

  • Sensor light. There are lights that come on when sensors detect movement. Some sensors have a weight rating so if you have a small dog or cat you can set them low preventing the lights going off when the pass but anything bigger will trigger the light.
  • Pet door sensors that are designed only unlock the door when the collar worn by your pet is within a few feet. This can help stop other cats or dogs entering you home too.
  • Deadlocks on all the doors and windows. Make sure that the other openings to your home are secured and properly lock. Some insurance companies have made lock mandatory on their policies. If an intruder comes in through the pet door locks also makes sure they can’t get out carrying your valuables.
  • Lock your pet door when you are out with your pet. When not in use, lock your pet door – don’t give those bad people a chance to get in.

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Do’s and don’ts when buying a pet door

pet doorDo you want to keep your pet’s safe from the harsh elements outside? Know the do’s and don’ts before purchasing a pet door.

  1. Do: research options
  2. Do: evaluate types of dog doors
  3. Do: consider operation
  4. Do: determine location
  5. Do: measure door and location first
  6. Don’t: assume one size fits all
  7. Don’t: disregard price and installation cost
  8. Don’t: assume your pet knows how to use the door

Do: Research options

Reading consumer and professional reviews is a big help in deciding which pet door will best suit your needs. Get to know the product first by considering others’ testimonies to guarantee quality without hassle.

If you have lots of time to spare, go and talk to the experts. Aspired Aluminium & Glass is always happy to hear from you.

Do: Evaluate types of dog doors

Pet doors vary depending on the mounting, location and the sort of pet you have. Make sure you know your pet’s habits like chewing and scratching etc.

Some pet doors are made with higher energy efficiency compared to others. For extreme security, choose a sliding door than can be locked. This will ensure that your pet can be kept out of trouble at all times.

Consider quality weather sealing to protect your pet door against harsh weather conditions.

Do: Consider operation

Dogs may use the manual door to escape when you are not around or allow intruders an easy pathway into your home. However, an automatic door can work unsupervised.

Electronic doors come with a computer chip to be attached in your pet’s collar with a special magnet that signals the door to unlock.

It can also prevent unwanted pests and intruders from gaining access.

Do: Determine location

Location plays a very important role in choosing your pet door. Decide where to install the pet door to make sure your pet never gets in trouble. Knowing the location will also help you determine what type of door you need.

Do: Measure door and location first

A pet door should be at least two inches wider than your pet’s width. Before making a purchase, double check your measurements for the best results or get your installer to give you a free measure and quote.

Don’t: Assume One Size Fits All

Set an appointment to inspect the pet door’s features, paying attention to installation instructions and restrictions as applicable.

It is best to buy a door that is large enough to accommodate more pets with different sizes.

Don’t: Disregard price and installation cost

Remember that the cheapest models and moderately priced models will never withstand the harsh weather conditions in Australia. It takes a high quality door with a competitive price to go the distance.

You may need to call in the professionals to do the installation, to guarantee outstanding results.

Don’t: Assume your pet knows how to use the door

Some pets may pick up the use of doors in just a matter of minutes but others may take a couple of weeks to adapt to the changes. This is pretty normal. Just be patient and reward your pet’s progress with treats each time they make some improvement.

Do’s and don’ts when buying pet door

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3 misconceptions about pet door you have to know

Doggy DoorWhen you are out, your pet stays at home – unless you take them to a friend or someone that you know can care for your pet. Your pet on the other hand may stay inside as long as they don’t feel the need to go outside. When they do, you have to leave them with an option to go outside or else, they might have no option to pee or poop inside your home.

Pet doors

When you can’t be there to open the door for your pet to go outside, it is important that you install a pet door. A pet door is an opening where your pet can easily go in and outside even in your absence. This is a good addition especially if you have pets at home and your lifestyle doesn’t allow you to be home all the time. Your pet will feel comfortable and have that certain freedom – even when they are alone!

However, some pet owners are having doubts installing pet doors because they have heard a few horror stories that include pet doors. Some of the most common misconceptions about pet door include:

  • A pet door is unsafe. Any holes or openings can be a potential entry way for intruders but it doesn’t mean that you can’t make your pet door safe. There are a lot of ways to keep your pet door pet friendly while keeping your home secured. You can install alarm or sensors on your pet door that signals the coming of your pet.
  • A pet door is expensive. A pet door is an affordable yet very useful addition to people with pets.
  • A pet door makes your pet radical. Your pet will not fight with you or become a rebel – instead, you are teaching them how to become independent when you are not around.

3 misconceptions about pet door you have to know

These misconceptions might stop you from installing a pet door. Now you know which are true and which are not.

For the best advice on pet door contact Aspired Aluminium & Glass. We offer pet door installation to suit your needs. We know how much you love your pet, so do we. Ring us now for free measure and quotes.

Is pet door safe to install?

Doggy DoorWhat to do with your pet when you are out? This becomes a real problem for most pet owners. When you are at work, shopping or just away from home for a few hours, should you lock your pet inside? Not a good idea because you are denying your pet his freedom. On the other hand, locking him out may seem an unkind thing to do because it’s cold, and you cut him off from his other home comforts.

The solution – Installing a pet door!

Pet doors is a good way for your pet to go in and out even without your presence. However, you might be concerned with your home’s safety. With an opening permanently fixed on your door, you’re worried about burglars getting access to your home. Furthermore, other stray pets may enter too! This can be stressful to your pet and one of the reasons why your pet could leave your home.

Pet door safety

For your protection, make sure you get a professional to install your pet door. That way, you are not risking your home’s safety. Also, make sure that every door and windows inside are properly locked. Intruders may get in but they can’t get out easily, especially when using keylocks.

For your pet’s protection, there are pet door designed to automatically “sense” your pet. These are sensors that you can use or install in order to give your pet a tight identity protection. It can be light sensors that can determine your pet’s weight or let your pet wear a collar that automatically unlock the door when your pet is nearby.

Is pet door safe to install?

Yes, it is – as long as you take extra measures and precautions! Don’t forget to tell your installer about your concerns so they can get everything working for you.

Security sensor lights near your pet door, is another good way of detecting movement in the area and will allow you pet good light to access the door.

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