Can double glazing save you money on your energy bill?

double glazingThe need to save energy is eminent not only for your budget but for the planet as a whole. This prompts you to find ways on how you can save on your energy bill. Can double glazing save you money on your energy bill? Yes, absolutely!

Are double glazed windows efficient?

The amount of heat that enters and leaves of your home depends on the construction of your windows. Around 18-25 % of heat loss and gain occurs through your windows that are not energy efficient. A double glazed window is the answer to your problem. During winter, your home feels warmer and less heat is radiated out, saving you money of your heating costs.

In the hot summer months, the extra layer of the glass helps reduce the heat radiated into your home by the sun. You can increase your heat protection by installing blinds or heavy curtains further preventing the heat entering your home via the windows. With double glazing windows, cooler air is kept inside longer, keeping your home at a more comfortable temperature. No need to turn on the air conditioner.

What about its cost?

Aren’t double glaze windows expensive? Yes you will pay more than traditional glass but you will save money of your heating and cooling bills over the lifetime of the windows. Installing double glazed windows is a long term investment and will create a more comfortable home for you. Don’t worry because double glazed can last for 25 year or more – especially with proper care.

Plus, double glazed windows require less maintenance so that will save you money too.

Can double glazing save you money on your energy bill?

Double glazed windows should be installed in all houses because they do save you money on your energy bills.

Did you know that by having double glazed windows your home will also be quieter?

Aspired Aluminium & Glass have all your glass and aluminium requirements covered. We have a huge range of glass, windows and doors to suit your home perfectly.

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How to choose the perfect mirror for your home!

Want to add a touch of elegance to your home?Mirror, special mirrors for special homes

Thinking of purchasing an expensive décor to bring out your home’s appearance? Good idea but are you willing to spend that much? When in doubt, consider adding a finishing touch to your home by choosing the perfect mirror.

Bring out your home’s best beautiful with the perfect mirror for your home.

We all want that special décor that add a glitz and glamour to your home. However,  shouldn’t have to spend a lot of your money to achieve this! By adding mirrors, you can instantly enhance the appearance of your interior design, save money and mirrors are functional too. Brilliant!

It’s important that you find the perfect mirror for your home, the one that can suit your home décor and complements your interior design. Choosing the perfect mirrors for your home can be tough as there are many styles and designs of mirror available on the market. Even though mirrors can still look great inside your home, they won’t always provide the perfect look, feel and finish to your room.

With so many mirror options, which one should you go for? Your choice of mirror should depend on your requirements and your need.

Things to consider when buying a mirror:

  • What purpose will the mirror have
  • The area where you will put your new mirror
  • The design of the mirror

What purpose will the mirror have?

Is your mirror going to be to direct light in, make a small room look larger, used in a dressing room to check your clothes before you go out? It is important to think of the use of the mirror when you are looking for a new one.

The area where you will put your new mirror

For example, backlit mirrors are ideal for bathroom as they have the ability to provide light when needed. They are also available in different shapes, sizes and designs which give you the chance to find something that will suit your taste. A bedroom mirror would be larger and probably flat against the wall or as a cupboard door. A mirror in the large room would be decorated to be a feature in its own right.

The design of the mirror

Mirrors come in different shapes and sizes. Circular mirrors offer something a little extra than those mirrors with rectangular shape. Round mirrors have a modern touch and versatility that makes them go well with a contemporary décor or styled home.

Choosing the perfect mirrors for your home should be fun and exciting. After all, they make your home a total knock out so enjoy choosing your new mirror.

If you are looking for the right mirrors for your home, contact Aspired Aluminium & Glass. Whether you are looking for mirrors for your bathroom or living room, we have it all. We offer different designs and styles of mirrors. Ring us now to discuss your needs or visit our showroom to check our latest mirror designs.

Make your bathroom beautiful with frosted glass

Mermaid Screen by Aspired Aluminium and GlassGlass is a great addition to any home – especially in bathrooms. However, you might be concerned about how much privacy it affords you as they are clear, transparent, and sometimes using windows means no privacy at all.

Go for frosted glass

Value your privacy so much? You can use frosted glass. What is a frosted glass? A frosted glass is a type of glass that doesn’t allow you to see through but still lets in plenty of light. The glass is made opaque through certain processes such as:

  • Applying frosted window films
  • Sand blasting or acid etching

The glass can be uniformly frosted or you can have a design during the frosting process in order to create a unique design that will surely make your frosted glass beautiful.

Frosted glass is perfect for your bathroom

Your bathroom is naturally an area with water so using curtains or blinds to cover your clear glass is always the best option. Your best bet is to use frosted glass.

Why use frosted glass in the bathroom:

  • It makes your bathroom light and open
  • Keeps your privacy

Make your bathroom light and open

Fully Frame Showerscreen by Aspired Aluminium & GlassWe all spend lots of time in our bathrooms off and on throughout the day, whether you are taking a bath, doing your hair or makeup, washing your hands etc. Frosted glass allows light to enter making your bathroom brighter and more open, saving you having to turn the light on.

Keep your privacy

You can have your windows as large as you like without fear that your neighbours will be getting a free show!

You can frost certain parts of your window to create beautiful designs – it’s up to you. Anyone who will use the bathroom while you are showering will not see anything they shouldn’t

Frosted glass is perfect for shower screens too. Use frosted glass in order to keep the water in without any loss of light. Make your bathroom beautiful with frosted glass.

For your glass needs – whether frosted or not, contact Aspired Aluminium& Glass. We have different kinds of glasses to suit your every requirement. Give us a call now and get your free quote.

Are all mirrors the same?

MirrorsModern Glass Mirrors available at Aspired Aluminium & Glass are found inside our bedroom, living room and even the bathroom. They can also be portable and can carry around with you. Mirrors play an important role in our lives. Because of mirrors, we get to see our own reflection, how other view us.

Enjoy your mirror!

Imagine looking your own reflection with confidence. You appreciate mirrors more if you like its appearance and design. The reflection a mirror gives depends on its type and design. Some mirrors produce better image reflection than others, we have all seen the fat and skinny mirrors at the trick section of the show!

Different mirrors have different uses; you need the one that suits your purpose. Are all mirrors the same?

Mirror types:

  • Concave mirrors
  • Convex mirrors
  • Plane mirrors

Concave mirrors

With concave mirrors, far away objects seem to reflect upside down, but as you get closer, they can flip and magnify the image. They are used to make an object appear larger. Concave mirrors are common for shaving mirrors, for applying makeup or torches.

Convex mirrors

Mirror, special mirrors for special homesAs opposed to concave mirrors, objects appear smaller in a convex mirror than they really are. They are usually thicker in the center compared to their edges. Convex mirrors have various purposes. They are often used in taxis to provide panoramic views,in supermarkets and shops for surveillance or on driveways to see around sharp corners.

Plain mirrors

Plain mirrors (flat mirrors) are your everyday mirror and what most people think of as a mirror. A plain mirror reflects light rays in the order they are received, the object’s size and distance are the same as they are in reality. Great examples for plain mirrors are your bathroom mirrors, mirrored wardrobe doors, mirrors in dressing rooms.

Are all mirrors the same?

Mirror, mirror on the wall . . .
Mirrors can be found everywhere, but knowing the purpose of your mirror will enable you to choose the right type of mirrors for your need.

Mirrors are a perfect way to bring light and warmth into your home. Mirrors can make a dark area usable again. They can also make a small room or area look larger perfect for a court yard garden. Mirrors complete the look of your home and are more than just somewhere to look when you are doing your hair.

Still confused about mirror you need? Looking for mirrors that suit your taste? Contact Aspired Aluminium & Glass are your mirror experts, call and discuss your reflection needs!

How to choose the right mirror for your bathroom

Modern Glass Mirrors available at Aspired Aluminium & GlassMirrors can make a great impression in your home. They are a necessary addition to your home – especially in your bathroom. The one you choose should complement and blend with your bathroom décor but they should also make a statement. Finding a stand out mirror for your bathroom can be a difficult task. With so many mirrors with different designs and styles, how are you going to choose something that can enhance your bathroom?

What makes a bathroom mirror important?

If you are desperately looking for the perfect mirror for your bathroom, surely it is something important. Why do mirror in your bathroom important in the first place? Bathroom mirrors don’t just reflect your reflection. They can be the focal point in your bathroom that brings out everything else.

Mirrors are important because they make a room appear larger. So, if your bathroom has a limited space, finding the right mirror will enhance your bathroom space.

Can’t find the right mirror for your bathroom?

Mirrors come in different sizes and shapes with different styles and designs. Some of them are frameless while others have decorative frames. They also come with different extra features. Some mirrors have lights installed at the side making them perfect for dressing rooms. For your bathroom needs, it is important that you choose a mirror that suits your taste.

Mirrors, no matter what the design you are looking for whether you are looking for a mirror of a mirrored wall for your bathroom, dressing room or any living space inside your home that needs a mirror, Aspired Aluminium& Glass can manufacture exactly what you need.

We have different mirrors with a variety of styles, giving you the chance to find something that will fit perfectly in your bathroom or can custom make a mirror for your needs.

How to choose the right mirror for your bathroom

Come straight to Aspired Aluminium& GlassBunbury, on showroom is 12 Denning Road.

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Want to make your kitchen special – get a new kitchen splashback!

Modern Glass SplashbackYour kitchen is one of the most important parts of your home. It needs proper design and style. You can make your kitchen, inviting and more attractive by installing kitchen splashbacks. Your new splashback could be the beginning of your kitchen design.

Want a special kitchen splashback?

Your kitchen doesn’t need to be boring. Consider kitchen splashback and put a new life into your old kitchen. Or design your new kitchen around the splashback.

We have all seen the lifestyle programs where a splashback transform a tired old 70’s kitchen so why not give yours a makeover but where to start?

Splashbacks are a very important part of a kitchen.

Kitchen splashbacks play an important part in your kitchen they have 2 main functions:

  • Protecting the walls in your kitchen
  • Design and style, adding to the overall look of your kitchen

See, they are not just a mere decoration inside your kitchen because splashbacks can also be a functional décor. Remember, your kitchen is an area that involves a lot of water, oil, sauce splatters and other food debris. These things can quickly damage your kitchen area without proper protection and covering.

Choosing the right kitchen splashback

Now, with so many splashback options for you, you can change the overall style, look and feel of your kitchen. You can play with different materials and colours which makes it more exciting! Here are two types of splashbacks for you.

Glass splashback

They have become a popular option, especially for modern homes today. Glass splashbacks are made from toughened glass, they can be tinted to suit your taste. Glass splashbacks are:

  • Easy to clean
  • Hygienic
  • No grout issues

Glass splashbacks can be very beautiful, long lasting and add style to your kitchen.

Mirror splashback

They are similar to a glass splashback as they are also made from toughened glass. The nice thing with mirror splashbackis they can make your kitchen appear bigger. Great for gallery style kitchens or dark areas where you need to bring in the light. When you are cooking, you get to see what’s happening behind your back. It’s pretty great, isn’t it?

Want a special kitchen splashback?

What kind of splashback are you putting in your kitchen? Whether its glass or mirror splashback, contact Aspired Aluminium & Glass. We offer glass and mirrors in different sizes and can even cut to your exact requirements. Call us now for a free measure and quote.

What is the right mirror for a small bathroom?

bathroom mirrorYou have a small bathroom so what are you going to do? Having a small bathroom is not a problem especially if you know how to maximise your space. For a small bathroom, start by using the right mirror. The clever use of a mirror can lighten, brighten and enlarge your bathroom. Using a mirror is a great way to make any space lighter and feel larger – including your bathroom.

Bathroom mirrors

Apart from their practical use inside your bathroom, the proper use of a mirror can create a design and add a style to your space. The great thing about mirrors is that they come in a large collection of sizes, shapes and designs! There are round, square and oval shaped mirrors. However, what type of mirror is right for a small bathroom?

Any mirror will do actually. Here are a few ideas that you could do with your bathroom mirror:

Framed mirrors

Framed mirrors are put directly on your bathroom wall which means they don’t take space at all. It can also make your mirror the centrepiece of your bathroom.

Modern Glass Mirror available at Aspired Aluminium & GlassShelf mirrors

They are a great solution for styling and storage. Shelf mirrors are perfect if you are looking for extra storage and want a space to display some bathroom accessories.

Cabinet mirrors

Short on floor space? Then, this is perfect for you – they are not just a space saver but also provide a storage area to hide your beauty products. Your bathroom will look flawless and clean!

What is the right mirror for a small bathroom?

Make the most out of what you have – with the right mirror; you can still create a stylish bathroom. Are you looking for the perfect mirror to add to your bathroom? Contact Aspired Aluminium & Glass for all your mirror needs. We have different kinds of mirrors to suit not just your bathroom but for any part of your home. Ring us today and speak to one of our professionals today.


How to correctly place a mirror in a garden?

mirror-in-the-gardenHave you got a small garden?

Want to have it look bigger?

Don’t worry, you don’t have to own a large space to make your garden big or remove certain parts of you home to make new space. Merely use an optical illusion! A mirror in your garden can create a whole new dimension. With the use of the right mirror, you can make an illusion of a garden that looks twice its size!

How to create an illusion?

Mirrors work best in a garden where there are a lot of plants growing around, so your eyes view fewer hard edges and you don’t instantly see that there is indeed a mirror in your garden. Basically, you need to mix as much reality with your illusion as you can. For example, you can create an open gate next to your mirror with a stepping stone path going up to it which creates an illusion of a garden beyond.  You see, details are very important.

Where to place a mirror in your garden?

Where you place your mirror and the surrounding items, will show if the illusion you are trying to create is successful pretty quickly. So, where to place your mirror in your garden? While it seems like an easy thing to do, it isn’t. You have to be very careful. For example, if you have to place your mirror at the end of your garden and it reflects onto your house or onto where your bins are, the whole effect would be ruined.

A quick tip is to take one of the mirrors out of your home and place it in various spots throughout your garden and check its reflection. That way, you can get an idea on where the best place is to put your mirror.

How to correctly place a mirror in a garden?

Need help in choosing the right mirror for your garden? Contact Aspired Aluminium & Glass for your needs.  We have different mirrors to suit your garden and we can even give you advice on what to choose. Ring Aspired Aluminium & Glass today on 9791 5500 for a quote on your new mirror.

How much does a mirror cost?

mirrorMirrors can be both a decorative and functional item inside your home. They can create a feeling of openness and space in the smallest of rooms. When hung properly, they can make a lovely centrepiece. Mirrors come in different styles, sizes and designs. You can choose something more traditional and create a classic feel or go for something trendy and create a stylish room.

Mirrors and its price

With a large selection of styles and designs available to choose from, the price will vary with the different types of mirror. Each mirror has a particular type of beauty and functionality – you just have to select the style that suits your taste and fits your home perfectly. When it comes to pricing, here are certain factors that could affect the price of a mirror:

Mirror Size

The size of the mirror is the first thing to look at when you are concerned about the price. Larger mirrors are more expensive as they use more glass and materials.

Mirror design

A mirror might be small yet expensive. Why is this? This is because some mirrors have intricate designs and use expensive materials. A beautifully designed mirror could require an expensive price tag but not always the case.

Wall surfaces

The area where you want to install your mirror may also affect your mirror price. Mirrors on a standard wall surface don’t require special tools and equipment and are easier to install. In harder to reach and complicated areas, as you might expect the installation cost is a bit more pricey.

How much does a mirror cost?

A mirror’s price varies; they are a good addition to your home. Invest in a beautiful, durable mirror and experience the difference of having a good quality mirror. For your mirror needs, contact Aspired Aluminium & Glass. We are your mirror specialists in Bunbury and we would love to give you advice on mirrors. Ring us today and we can discuss your needs.


How to use mirrors to make your room a stand out?

chrome mirrorsAlmost all of us have mirrors at home. However, people don’t know how to make the most of mirrors as part of your home design. The first thing you need to know is that mirrors can be used in every room. Mirrors can be used in the conventional way or:

  • As decoration
  • As a work of art
  • To bring in light to a dark area.

When placed strategically in places, mirrors can make your room really stand out.

Decorate with mirrors

When used properly, mirrors are not just something you look into but something you actually want to look at. Did you know that you can use two or more mirrors in one place? Here’s how you can use mirrors to make your room a stand out.

Use mirror with unique shape in your bathroom

The bathroom is one of the obvious places to use mirrors. For your bathroom, choose an oval shape mirrors. They look unique and add that touch of class in your bathroom. Add some rectangular lights on both sides to create a more interesting look.

Use mirrors to bring the view inside and create a perfect indoor outdoor feel.

Select a colour that compliments the room

When choosing a mirror, make sure to choose a colour that improves the space. That way, your mirror looks an integral part of the entire room, not just something you add for the sake of just having a mirror.

Let there be light!

Mirrors can bring in light from other areas of your home and make a dark corner really stand out. Mirrors can also make a small room look bigger.

Create a work of art

Mirrors are not just plain object you hang in your walls – they are decorative as much as they are functional. There are mirrors with unique design – they can be perfect for creating a stunning look.

How to use mirrors to make your room a stand out?

By choosing the right mirror and placing it properly to match your home décor, mirrors can bring out your home best appearance. For all your mirror needs, contact Aspired Aluminium & Glass. We are your glass specialist in Bunbury specialising in aluminium windows, doors, repairs, replacement services and mirrors too. Ring today for free quote.