Louver windows

Why choose Louvre windows for your home?

Lourves windowsHaving a new home built, wow that is exciting! It’s not as if every day you are given the chance to have a new home and now you have lots of choices to make. These choices can be overwhelming where to start, lots of different areas to think about. Let us help you with some information on choosing windows for your home.

The right window for you

One of the most important decision you’ll ever make is to choose windows for your home. They are important because they:

  • Let in the light
  • Allow you to control the air flow
  • Help you conserve energy

Windows are not just a mere hole in your walls. They are so much more than that. So choosing the right windows for your home is very important and they are going to be there for a very long time. Have you thought about louver windows. No? Think they are old fashioned? There is a very good reason people used them before air cons were invented because they work; they have no running costs and no noise.

Why go for louver windows?

Here are several reasons why louver windows are right for your home:

Stay cool these warmer months!

During these warmer months, it’s important for you to choose a window that can help naturally ventilate your home. Why, it’s not easy dealing with the hot surroundings, it can make your head hot with temper! Turn on your Air Con? Yes, you can do that, but your higher bills will make you sweat more than the warm weather can! Your best choice? Go for louver windows.

Lourves windowsThey are versatile and stylish

Louvre windows are a common choice for Australian modern homes as they are stylish, aids in natural ventilation and very versatile which means that they can fit into whatever interior design your home might have. They are also available in different design and styles. You can have your new windows made from glass, timber or aluminium, whatever your desired choice is.

And privacy too!

Louver are great for letting in the cold breeze while keeping prying eyes out. Maintain your privacy without blocking your view.

Plus, the latest automated design lets you control the conditions of your interior easier with a simple press of a button. So, should you go for louver windows? The question is, as with all these great things, why shouldn’t you?

If you are looking for a high performance, state of the art Louvre windows, contact Aspired Aluminium& Glass. We can install louver windows for your home. Ring us now to discuss your needs, you will be surprised at our professional service and yes we really do care.

What’s The Best Types of Window for Your House?

Centor Sliding DoorsWindows connect your home to the outside world. They can show you the beauty of nature, allow the breeze to home in, frame your view.

Gone are the days when all the windows in our houses had to be the same in every room. In today’s market, there are many window designs and styles that are manufactured to suit to your personal requirements.

Here are some types of window for your home:

Bi-fold Windows

These are a versatile window design with wider opening to give you maximum view of the outside of your house.  Bi fold windows give a very stylish appearance bringing that indoor / outdoor feel to your home. Of course they are available in wide range of colours, glass type and sizes to fit your need.

Sliding Windows

These are simple but elegant window design. Sliding windows of today are so much more than the traditional sliding window since the market nowadays is giving customers the option for a more modern configurationthat will enhance your entertaining area, dining room, lounge room or any room your choose.

Sliding windows are highly functional and durability comes with a style, always worth the money you pay, economical and practical. Sliding windows are classic and suits perfectly to almost every architectural style.

Louver Windows

Louver windows are great option for your house too. This design is versatile in a way that it gives you full control of the air flow coming to your house. It is great for every season of the year. During summer, you can simply open the upper section of the window to let the hot air out. What a bonus on those sticking hot days!

What types of window best suits you?

If you want to full control of the air flow, you can go with louvers. You can always have your views uninterrupted with fabulous bi-fold windows design. If you prefer a classic and at the same time classy look you can choose the sliding type. The choice is entirely yours.

Too hard to choose? Keep in mind that you can always have your windows custom made for your need. Call Aspired Aluminium & Glass today on 9791 5500, your Aluminium & Glass Professionals and experience the difference. Drop into our show room at 12 Denning Rd, Bunbury and we will be able to show you samples and you can see the difference in window types.

What makes louver windows stand out from the rest?

Lourves windowsThere are many great and popular window options for you to choose from. Have you considered Louver windows? You will be impressed with the outstanding features of louver windows.

Reasons why louver window stands out from the rest:

  1. Excellent for cross-ventilation
  2. Versatile
  3. Manageable
  4. Not out dated

Excellent for cross-ventilation

If you have small room, louver windows are perfect to provide good ventilation as they don’t extend far into the room so you can easily walk past.

Louvers take up a very little horizontal space and are a great choice for your internal window. You can use louvers in the kitchen to keep out light rain while letting the air in. Louvers can protect your home from humidity by allowing right amount of air and light to enter you home. Louvers can also have security screens added to the outside so you can leave your windows open and have a lovely restful sleep knowing you are protected.


Want ventilation but not glass windows? The blades of the louvers can be timber, glass or aluminium that are fitted into the window frame.  Aspired Aluminium & Glass offers a wide selection of louvers to suit your budget and needs.

You can also use different types of glass and glass treatments to control heat gain and loss. We specialise custom made louvers where you can choose which correct type of louver for your need. Choose tinted glass to reduce solar heat gain and install low e-glass to reduce heat loss in winter season.


Manage indoor temperature by installing louver. Direct the airflow towards the ceiling or away from the people in the room to allow fresh air in. Open the bottom louvers up then keep the top louvers closed to trap the heat inside your room during winter.You can lock the entire louver to completely block the harsh elements outside. Or a combination depending on the weather and airflow you are looking for.

Not out dated

You might think louvers are a window from the past, something that would have been on Nan’s beach house. You are so wrong. Modern louver windows are extremely practical, look great and can save you money on your heating and cooling bills. Louvers are very much a modern window that has stood the test of time.

What makes louver windows stand out from the rest?

Flexibility, louver windows provide good ventilation, insulation and style.

For enquiries, contact Aspired Aluminium & Glass on 9791 5500 to discuss your window needs. We offer large range of louvers to suit your style and needs. Ring us for a free quote!


Are you looking for the right windows for your home?

Lourves windowsWindow installation is not a small project and it’s not a small investment either. It could take so much of your time, money and energy. If you need new windows for your home, choose carefully and you will love your windows for a very long time.

Choosing the right windows is a real asset to your home. Windows can

  • Add light and make the interior of your home more comfort
  • Set the mood for your room
  • Reduce your energy bills

There are so many different options and factor to consider when choosing windows so it is best to speak to window installation professional, someone with a proven track record.

When in Bunbury, where to go?

Are you in Bunbury? Then choose Aspired Aluminium& Glass. We are your window expert in the Bunbury and service the surrounding area too. We offer full window installation and can come to your home for a free measure and quote.

At Aspired Aluminium& Glass we offer a range of different kinds of windows including:

When you order any window from Aspired Aluminium& Glass you are sure to get the best advice and product that will suit your need, we professional window installation services or supply only. Our window professionals are expert and masters at their craft. They have full experience in installing different types of windows on any kind of home. All our installed windows will enhance both the look and energy efficiency of your home.

We know you are looking for the right windows that will fit your home perfectly, so give Aspired Aluminium & Glass a call to discuss your windows need today. All our quotes are free.

What is the right window type for me?

Hinged DoorImagine sitting inside your home while looking outside, enjoying a gorgeous view with warm sunlight shining entering through your window. Isn’t it nice and it doesn’t have to be a dream.Whether you know about it or not, your windows play an important part in your home. Your windows are one of the best ways to bring the outdoors in.

Has your window seen better days? Whether you are considering changing your current windows or designing your next home, or having an extension done, you can make use of some helpful tips in order to find the right window for you.

Choosing the right windows for your home

With so many window options, you might start to ask what is the right window type for me? Don’t worry! Choosing windows for your home should be a fun activity for you, not a problem that will cause you some headache! Here are a few tips on how to come up with the right window for your home.

  • Style of your home
  • Purpose of the windows
  • Colour of the window frame
  • Look of the window

A window that reflects your home’s architectural style

Each home has unique architectural style and its up to us to bring out our home’s best beautiful. Start by choosing windows that match your existing home’s design. Whether you have a home with modern or traditional style, there is a window that will match your home’s style. You will be surprised how well aluminium window fits in traditional homes.

The purpose of your window

The basic purpose of the window is to let in the light, but they can also serve as a doorway, privacy screen, allow airflow or they can be fixed for aesthetic purposes. When choosing a window, consider the room you are installing the window into.

Colourful window frames

You can choose colourful window frames – this depends on your taste, the colour and style of your home. This will surely make your exterior more attractive and gorgeous. You may consider window blocks or windows of different shapes, eg. triangle or oval.

Choose a window that appeals to your interiors

Exterior aesthetics can be important, but remember, the window functions and appeal can create an experience inside your home. Your windows should also complement your interior design as much as it enhances your exterior appearance.

Lots of questions and it can all seem a bit overwhelming, if you are unsure about what window type, you should choose, contact Aspired Aluminium& Glass. We can give you free advice for that perfect, gorgeous window for your home. We also offer window installation services in Bunbury, Busselton and surrounds! Ring us now for free measure and quote today.

Why choose louver windows?

Lourves windowsWhen you’re building or renovating, it is important that you consider the type of windows you want to install. Finding the right windows is vital and here are some things to consider:

  • Let in enough sunlight
  • Allow you to control the air flow coming in and out
  • Make your home beautiful

Choosing the right windows for your home can be tough. There are many types of windows on the market today, which are great for many homes. Louver windows are a wonderful option for many styles of home from traditional to modern and have seen a resurgence in popularity in recent years here in Australia. They are stylish, versatile and provide proper natural ventilation inside your home.

Benefits of louver windows

Why louvers could be the perfect fit for you, well, there are quite a few reasons:

  • Privacy
  • Energy efficient
  • Easy to clean
  • High performance

Ensures privacy

If there is one thing that we value the most, it is our privacy and louver windows can give it. Louver windows can be installed using frosted glass or mix coloured glass, which can give you full control of your privacy. Even with clear glass you have the option to title them and thus restrict some of the visual access to the inside.

Energy efficient

You can control the airflow through your louver windows. They are designed to allow you to adjust the amount of airflow, which means maintaining  the right indoor temperature inside your home much easier and this  will ultimately cut down your energy bills.

Easy to clean

Louver windows are designed to be clean easily from the inside. Remember, your window might look beautiful, but if they are not cleaned regularly they won’t stay that way for long. Cleaning louvers is a breeze and you don’t have to do them all at once. Cleaning made simple!

High performance

Louver windows aid natural ventilation. The latest louver windows designed today include automated louver. This recent innovation allows homeowners to control the conditions of their interior even if they are not at home. Now that is a smart window!

You can never go wrong if you choose louver windows. What are you waiting for? Make your home unique and beautiful. For aluminium windows of all kinds call Aspired Aluminium& Glass Bunbury, we are your professional. Give us a call your will be surprised at the difference, we really do want to help.