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Are you looking for the right windows for your home?

Lourves windowsWindow installation is not a small project and it’s not a small investment either. It could take so much of your time, money and energy. If you need new windows for your home, choose carefully and you will love your windows for a very long time.

Choosing the right windows is a real asset to your home. Windows can

  • Add light and make the interior of your home more comfort
  • Set the mood for your room
  • Reduce your energy bills

There are so many different options and factor to consider when choosing windows so it is best to speak to window installation professional, someone with a proven track record.

When in Bunbury, where to go?

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When you order any window from Aspired Aluminium& Glass you are sure to get the best advice and product that will suit your need, we professional window installation services or supply only. Our window professionals are expert and masters at their craft. They have full experience in installing different types of windows on any kind of home. All our installed windows will enhance both the look and energy efficiency of your home.

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Aluminium windows versus timber windows: which is better?

Aluminium windows - Casement Windows

What is the best window? Aluminium windows versus timber windows: which is better?

Are you installing new windows for your home?
Or planning on replacing your windows?
Are you torn between aluminium windows and timber windows?

When you can’t decide which is the best windows for you, here are some facts to consider.
Let’s discuss first the timber windows.

Timber windows advantages and disadvantages.

The good points of timber windows include:

  • Aesthetic appeal. When stained and finished properly, they can be your home’s most attractive part.
  • Energy efficient. Its natural insulating properties allow timber windows to keep your home warm during winter and cooler during summer.

However, timber windows require a lot of maintenance. If you are a busy person, you might have problems with giving some TLC for your window. You’ll have to spend money on repair and refinishing timber windows.

To put it simply, a timber window can be an expensive addition to your home.

Aluminium windows advantages and disadvantages.

Aluminium windows are the most popular type of window and are favoured over timber ones. Why?

Advantages of Aluminium windows are:

  • Low maintenance. No need to care for your aluminium windows all the time. An occasional cleaning and check up is enough to keep your windows on its best shape.
  • Affordable. Compared to timber windows, they are much cheaper – perfect for your budget.
  • Improve thermal efficiency. Who says aluminium windows doesn’t have any insulating properties? They might not be as good as timber when it comes to insulation, but aluminium window makers are making advances to make aluminium windows more thermally efficient. Also by adding curtains, blinds or shutters as most people do it won’t matter about the thermal properties of your window frame because the window treatments will take care of that.
  • Aesthetic appeal guaranteed. Both aluminium and timber windows are gorgeous to look at.

Aluminium windows wins hands down!

  • Cost
  • Appeal and
  • Easy

When choosing between timber and aluminium windows, aluminium windows a great choice for you and can be made to suit all types of homes. You can never go wrong with an aluminium window, your best window option in making your home beautiful.

For all your aluminium windows needs in Bunbury and surrounds, contact Aspired Aluminium & Glass Bunbury. We have many aluminium windows that come in different styles, shapes and sizes perfect for your home– we can also design it special just for you! Call us now and get a free quote today!