Barrier Door

Does your home need a barrier door?

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An important addition for your home is a barrier door. Mostly, you don’t know its importance unless you are bothered with insects coming inside your home. Yes, insects and bugs! When indoor living is important to you, don’t let the insects come near you, install a barrier door.

Barrier doors

Don’t get confused with a barrier door and a security door. These two are different. While security doors provide you safety against burglar attacks, barrier doors prevent insects from entering your premises while ensuring that you will stay cool inside during a hot sunny day. Ideal for homes, barrier doors improve the circulation of air flow inside. Cool air can easily come inside through the screen while insects can’t.

Barrier doors are not a security door– they are sturdy fly screen doors, perfect for areas where you are more concerned about insect prevention, rather than protection from larger intruders.

Do you need a barrier door?

If you are in doubt whether your home needs a barrier or not, ask yourself do you need to keep insects out of your home?

Yes – then you need a barrier door.

Insect prevention is very important because:

  • You don’t want insects getting into your home to bite your children.
  • Good for your family’s health. Many mosquitoes are capable of carrying nasty diseases like Ross River and Dengue Fever.
  • Insect free home plus a good view. Your home becomes insect free while at the same time, you get to enjoy the good view outside.
  • Cool air flowing into your home without insects is essential in the summer time.

When you want the best for your home and family, installing a barrier door is important.

Need to install a barrier door? Contact Aspired Aluminium & Doors for your needs. We have different varieties of doors to suit your home – including barrier doors.

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4 important tips when purchasing a screen door for your home

Barrier screen door - flyscreen with protectionYou want to give your home a unique look. That’s not something new – most homeowners are always looking for ways to make their home look impressive and appealing. There are just so many things in your home that need updating and refurbishing, so where do you start?

Start with something that your guests will first notice – your door.

Your door provides an entrance for your guests and therefore gives off an impression of what to expect inside. Apart from that, did you know that when you open your door, you are giving insects and other unwanted guests – a free pass to enter your home? This intrusion can affect the quality of your living and make your home unhealthy. You can prevent this by installing a screen door.

Screen doors

Screen doors offer you the option of having a fresh home by allowing the air to come inside without the insects sneaking in. You can still enjoy the sunlight without having to worry about the bugs.

Are you convinced that your home needs a screen door?
Before you purchase one, here are some important tips for you:sliding doors

  1. Buy from a reputable company. In doing so, you can have an assurance of a quality product at a reasonable price.
  2. Check your home. From there, you can identify which materials and styles are perfect for your home. Purchase a screen door that your home needs.
  3. Choose your pattern and design. Aspired Aluminium& Glass have a large range on display at out showroom – 12 Denning Rd Bunbury.
  4. Check the company. Make sure they have professional and highly trained staff to do the installation. It is very important because only someone with the expertise and knowledge can perform the installation properly, so everything is fixed together

4 important tips when purchasing a screen door for your home

Do you need any advice when choosing a door?

Whether you are replacing an old door or installing a new one, contact Aspired Aluminium & Glass for all your door needs.

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We can offer you free advice on your door installation and show you our many door products as well. Installation services are provided for all of our products. Ring us today and let’s discuss your needs.