Awning windows

Why you should choose awning windows?

Affinity Awning WindowPondering what type of window to use for your home? Choose awning windows for outstanding benefits.

5 great reasons to use awning windows:

  1. Proper ventilation
  2. Maximum protection
  3. Contemporary look
  4. Durable
  5. Energy efficient

Proper ventilation

Say goodbye to mould! Unlike some other window types, awning windows can be placed higher in a wall to let in more light and air, creating proper ventilation. Save energy bills as you will reduce the need to run your heater or aircon to manage indoor temperature during winter or summer season. High window placement allows more wall space for your furniture, décor and more.

Maximum protection

Awning windows can protect your home from harsh weather conditions. You can adjust awning windows to prevent rainwater from entering or keep it open to allow more light and air.

Awning windows are weather-tight constructed, blocking water seeping into your home. Since awning windows can be mounted higher, it is ideal to maintain extreme privacy all the time.

Contemporary look

Want to match interior design with your new awning window? No worries! Awning windows are flexible, balancing the look of any theme and décor to blend with the window style.

You can never be out of style with awning windows. Awning window convey a contemporary look in your room by using friction hinges at the top edge, allowing the bottom edge to swing open. All though awning windows have been around for a very long time and are considered timeless they still work perfectly well in a modern contemporary looking home.


Made from durable framing materials, Aspired Aluminium & Glass awning windows are a combination of strength and long lasting good looks, the prefect choice for your home.

Energy efficient

Install awning window in your home and expect decreasing energy consumption and bills over time. Awning windows retain warm air and keep cold air out during winter and block scorching West Australian sun outside in summer season.

Why you should choose awning windows?

Awning windows are practical and cost effective!

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