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What is safety glass?

glass by AAGAs its name suggests, safety glass is a lot safer than any other forms of glass. Safety glass is toughened glass that is less likely to fragment and splinter when broken.

What is safety glass?

Safety glass comes in two main forms in Australia.

Laminated safety glass which is made from two sheets of glass bonded together with an interlayer. The interlayer helps to prevent the glass disintegrating when broken.

Toughen safety glass which is made by heat treating the glass to make it 5 times stronger than normal glass. This process is also tempered glass. Toughen glass which still break but it is stronger than normal glass and will break into small pieces rather than shatter into splinters.

Why use safety glass?

  1. Safety – Breakage resistant
  2. Comply with Australian Standards
  3. Great range

Breakage resistant

Safety glass offers safety for your family as it minimises the risk of injuries when the glass is broken, giving you a peace of mind knowing you and your loved ones are safe. The high strength and unique design of laminated glass prevents it from shattering into large shards when broken.

Safety glass is less likely to break than normal glass.

Comply with Australian Standards

You need to install safety glass when using glass in many areas of your home like high traffic areas and bathrooms. Please ask Aspired Aluminium & Glass or refer to AS1288Glass in Buildings.

Great range

Safety glass comes in a variety of high quality products that can suit your needs and budget.

Safety glass is used in doors, windows, showerscreens, vanities, balustrades wardrobe doors most areas where you would use glass.

Safety glass

Accidents happen but you can reduce the risks of accidents or even death by using safety glass for your home.

At Aspired Aluminium & Glass, we provide you excellent glass solutions to fit your lifestyle. We love helping you and your family. Contact us for tradesmen who really care on 9791 5500 to discuss all your glass and aluminium needs. Ring us now for a free quote.

Will a pet door compromise my home’s security?

Doggy DoorDo you have pets at home? If yes, you probably have a pet door or thinking about having one. You love your pets and you want them to feel at home and be able to go in and out as they need. However, will installing a pet door compromise my home security?

Pet doors

Having pet doors is a good idea to make sure your pets will enjoy freedom plus, you don’t have to open/close the door when they want to go out. It’s less hassle for you, right?

However, if you are concerned with your safety, you should start questioning the reliability of a pet door. A pet door can serve as an opening leading into your home which is and unfortunately can cause these problems:

  • Allows intruders to enter your home
  • Small child can gain access to your home
  • It can weakens the mesh on your door

In general, pet doors can weaken the security of your door and your home. So, yes, pet door can compromise your homes security. Despite the durability, strength and security level of your security door, it cannot give you full security assurance if you install a pet door.

Isn’t it the main reason why you invested in a security door in the first place? You might want to consider your safety first before having a pet door installed.

Still want a pet door installed?

If, despite the compromise in your security, you still want to have a pet door installed, good news!

You can have a pet door installed but make sure you let the professionals do it for you. A professional installer knows how to do the installation while decreasing your risk of danger.

Here are some ideas to add to your security:

  • Sensor light. There are lights that come on when sensors detect movement. Some sensors have a weight rating so if you have a small dog or cat you can set them low preventing the lights going off when the pass but anything bigger will trigger the light.
  • Pet door sensors that are designed only unlock the door when the collar worn by your pet is within a few feet. This can help stop other cats or dogs entering you home too.
  • Deadlocks on all the doors and windows. Make sure that the other openings to your home are secured and properly lock. Some insurance companies have made lock mandatory on their policies. If an intruder comes in through the pet door locks also makes sure they can’t get out carrying your valuables.
  • Lock your pet door when you are out with your pet. When not in use, lock your pet door – don’t give those bad people a chance to get in.

Aspired Aluminium & Glass are a licensed window installer in Bunbury. Contact us for all your window/door installation needs. Please do ask questions and raise any concern regarding the installation of pet doors when you phone us. Ring Aspired Aluminium & Glass at 9791 5500, where you get real service.

Replacing sliding doors, where do I start?

sliding doorsWant to replace your old sliding door with a new one? Improve your home’s energy efficiency, ambience and style. Start by deciding what type of sliding door you would like for your replacement.

You have many different options when replacing your old sliding door, here are 3 of the most popular ones.

  1. French doors
  2. Patio doors
  3. Sliding patio doors

French doors

Want a lovely feel in your home, perfect for that old world romantic charm. Double French doors are great to create a wonderful ambience to any room especially bedrooms. Consider space when thinking of using French doors as they will require a bit larger area to allow them to open. Thus French doors are the perfect fit in a bigger house, large room or area you want to make a statement.

Inward opening, French doors can be team up with security doors outside to still allow air in while maintaining your security.

Centre swing patio doorswindow glass

Centre swing patio doors are great as they look like two French doors sitting side by side, but one side is otherwise fixed and does not open and the other door swing opens back against the fixed panel saving wall space perfect to fit a cosy small area.

When buying centre swing doors you have the option to also get a sliding screen and can save you money and time.

Sliding doors

Modern sliding doors are so much more energy efficient than the old style ones. Sliding glass doors are now made with the same energy efficiency standards as most modern windows and are great to reduce your energy bills. With patio doors, you won’t have to worry about the wind gusts catching your door and slamming them, no more banging doors.

Want amazing doors in your home from decorative to practical or something in between Aspired Aluminium & Glass are the people to see.

Replacing sliding doors where do I start?

Sliding Doors By Aspired Aluminum and Glass

Call Aspired Aluminium & Glass today on 9791 5500 and tell us what you need. Drop into our showroom at 12 Denning Rd, Bunbury to see our many options that we have on display. We can custom made doors and windows to suit your exact requirements, near enough is not good enough so don’t settle for less. At Aspired Aluminium & Glass we offer quality aluminium and glasses that will suit your budget and needs. Call us today!

What’s The Best Types of Window for Your House?

Centor Sliding DoorsWindows connect your home to the outside world. They can show you the beauty of nature, allow the breeze to home in, frame your view.

Gone are the days when all the windows in our houses had to be the same in every room. In today’s market, there are many window designs and styles that are manufactured to suit to your personal requirements.

Here are some types of window for your home:

Bi-fold Windows

These are a versatile window design with wider opening to give you maximum view of the outside of your house.  Bi fold windows give a very stylish appearance bringing that indoor / outdoor feel to your home. Of course they are available in wide range of colours, glass type and sizes to fit your need.

Sliding Windows

These are simple but elegant window design. Sliding windows of today are so much more than the traditional sliding window since the market nowadays is giving customers the option for a more modern configurationthat will enhance your entertaining area, dining room, lounge room or any room your choose.

Sliding windows are highly functional and durability comes with a style, always worth the money you pay, economical and practical. Sliding windows are classic and suits perfectly to almost every architectural style.

Louver Windows

Louver windows are great option for your house too. This design is versatile in a way that it gives you full control of the air flow coming to your house. It is great for every season of the year. During summer, you can simply open the upper section of the window to let the hot air out. What a bonus on those sticking hot days!

What types of window best suits you?

If you want to full control of the air flow, you can go with louvers. You can always have your views uninterrupted with fabulous bi-fold windows design. If you prefer a classic and at the same time classy look you can choose the sliding type. The choice is entirely yours.

Too hard to choose? Keep in mind that you can always have your windows custom made for your need. Call Aspired Aluminium & Glass today on 9791 5500, your Aluminium & Glass Professionals and experience the difference. Drop into our show room at 12 Denning Rd, Bunbury and we will be able to show you samples and you can see the difference in window types.

What is the right glass for your home?

windowsHaving the right glass does make a difference, and with so many types available on the market today, which one should you choose? When it comes to finding the correct glass, there are two sets of factors you should consider – the basic factors and the secondary factors. Secondary factors are usually dependent on the basic factors.

What are the basic factors?

The basic factors include the climate, location and the orientation of your windows. Let’s talk about them one by one.


When choosing glass for your home, always consider the area where you live. For cold winter you need to think about choosing a glass that offers better insulation. While ordinary glass is good, it allows heat loss during cold weather. To have better insulation you can consider choosing:

  • Low emissivity (Low E ) glass
  • Double glazed windows
  • Or heavy drapes

These types of glasses are better at improving your home insulation. Living in a warmer climate,you can choose tinted glass, it is better at absorbing and reflecting the heat, keeping your home cool during those hot summer days.

glass windowLocation

The place where you live also plays an important factor. If you live in a noisy neighbourhood, near a major road or work shift you might want to think about choosing a noise reducing glass.


You need to consider the location and orientation of your windows. How much sunlight does your window receive? For example, a north facing sunrooms could capture sunlight without exposing you to the harmful afternoon heat. The type of glass you use should match the position of your windows to get the most out of it. For a window that gets most of the sunshine, use Low E coated glass. It can make your room appear slightly darker and keep out most of the sunlight.

The importance of finding the right glass for Australian homes

If you think that your home is fine with ordinary windows, perhaps you should double check. Ordinary glass has a higher chance of heat and cold leakage problems. Also, don’t forget that choosing the right glass could provide you with a comfortable indoor environment and at the same time, give you maximum natural light levels all year round.

When looking for the perfect glass, contact Aspired Aluminium & Glass. We have a diverse range of glass to suit your house. Ring us today on 9791 5500 and we’ll help you find the right window solution for your home.

Is a beveled glass door great for your home?

doorDesigning a new home? Whether you’ve got a new home or just looking for a quick way to liven up your home’s curb appeal, install a beveled glass door. Beveled glass doors are energy efficient and can delight your guests as they enter your home. You’ll never get tired of hearing “Oh, I just love this door!”

Beveled glass door

A beveled glass door can fit perfect into any home, whether you are looking for a more modern feel or a home with an inspired traditional design. What is best for your home? A beveled glass door could be just what you are looking for, the missing piece to your home. Below are some of the great reasons why a beveled glass door is a magnificent option for you and your home:-

Beveled glass

The beveled glass looks luxurious, classy and can make your door look stylish. Its design can give your door more depth. Did you know that there are many designs and patterns that you can choose? You are sure to find something that will suit your taste.

Energy efficient

The use of beveled glass on your door doesn’t just make your home look adorable, but it also helps in maintaining a good indoor temperature. A beveled glass door can keep your home cool during summer and warm in winter.

Beautiful effect

Beveled glass can create a different look that can reflect your very own style and personality. Beveled glass can create a prism look, something that can make your home extremely unique. Beveled glass doors are just a beauty to behold – that your guests will surely love!

Is a beveled glass door great for your home?

Yes, definitely! They are beautiful, energy efficient – just what you are looking for in a door. Need glass to use on your new door? Contact Aspired Aluminium & Glass for all of your glass needs. We offer a different glass to suit your specific requirements. Ring us today and enquire. You’ll be amazed by what we have on offer.

What are the benefits of installing frameless showerscreens

Frameless ShowerscreenLooking for a home improvement project? Something that can enhance the appeal and functionality of your bathroom? Install glass fittings and fixtures. Glasses always look luxurious making them great for home décor. However, homeowners shy away from glasses because of its fragile nature but today, not anymore. With the advent of the new technology, glass fittings have become a popular choice.

Frameless shower screens

Decors and fixtures made from toughened glasses such as splashbacks, shower screens and glass partitions becomes a common option today. They are durable and prove to be resistant to any kind of impact. So, for your bathroom, choose frameless shower screens. As the name suggest, they are fully frameless which means that it is self supported. Its panels are attached and use some hardware. The result is a very sleek and very open shower area – perfect for homeowners wanting to have a bathroom for that comfortable place for retreat.

The benefits of installing frameless showerscreens

If you prefer an elegant and refined look, this is for you. They add timeless style and grace to your bathroom. Below are the lists of reasons why you should install frameless shower screens to your bathroom.

  • Appeal
  • Easy to clean
  • Hygienic
  • Easy to install
  • Durable
  • Adds beauty and style

These lists of benefits can only tell you how a glass addition can transform the overall appearance of your space – especially your bathroom. When you have decided to install a frameless shower screen, make sure you choose a reliable supplier that offers glass material of the highest quality.

If you’re ready to convert your existing bathroom or thinking of designing a new one, contact Aspired Aluminium & Glass. Here at Aspired, we only use the finest Australian made glass to ensure superior quality. We have a team of experts that can install your frameless shower screen for you in no time. Call us today at 9791 5500. We look forward to discussing your shower screen project with you.


Steps in finding the right door for your home

Pivot door by Aspired Aluminium & GlassYour front door is a part of your home that everyone will see; you can’t hide it away in the closet when guests visit and even someone walking by will notice it. Having the right colour and style is incredibly important too, for creating your focal point. If you have the correct door your guests will have a lasting first impression of a beautiful home before they even walk in.

How to find the right door

Okay, you’ve decided to change your frontdoor? Excellent! Now, how do you find the right one to suit your home? With so many door options available,you really want to be sure you choose the perfect entrance. Here are the steps in choosing the right door for your home.

Pick the right type of door

What materials should your door be made of? Doors can be made from an array of materials and it’s up to you to choose. Look for something that will suit both your taste and needs. Also, consider the maintenance – the less maintenance required the better.

Choose the style

Choose a style that will best suit your home. The range of different style is extensive – from elegant and modern down to traditional styles. When deciding which style to go for, think about whether you want your door to blend in, stand out or make a statement.

Choose the colour

Want your door to stand out? Choose bold and bright colours but if you don’t want it to attract a lot of attention, keep it neutral and look at earthy colours.

Add the accessories

Make your door unique by customising its appearance. Install glass panels, side bars or peepholes or a combination of all of these accessories. The options are endless.

Consider the security features

A new door should not only be welcoming to the eye, it should also offer a good level of security. Select a sturdy door that will offer that protection and it will also last for a long time.

Not sure what to settle on? Ask advice from the experts, contact Aspired Aluminium & Glass, we can offer you professional advice. We also offer full door installation services if required.
Give us a ring today or visit our showroom and see our extensive range.


How much does a security door cost?

security door from Aspired Aluminium & GlassOne of the questions customers frequently ask is ‘How much does a good security door cost?’ Home protection might be on the top of your list, but you want to ensure your new security door won’t cost you your arm, leg and your whole wallet.

Asking this question is valid and very common but there is no definite answer to it. It’s not the same as buying a book or a pair of shoes! When it comes to a security door, there are some things that need to be considered first before coming up with a cost. These include:

Your door frame

If your door frame is uneven or poorly made, it may need to be replaced or repaired. A weak frame will compromise the security and the quality of
your new security door.

Customised security door

Ready to install security doors are available but if your door length and size is not the standard type, you will need your security door customised. That way, you’ll be sure it will fit perfectly.

Installation cost

Depending on your location and situation installation costs can vary greatly. If specialised tool and equipment are needed that may affect your installation costs too.

Aspired Aluminium & Glass security doors are quality, not cheap and nasty!

For quality security doors, contact Aspired Aluminium & Glass. Remember that your security door is a long term investment for your home.  Contact our experienced staff who can advise you on all of your safety requirements.

How much does a security door cost?

Aspired Aluminium & Glass offer free on site quotes so you will know the exact price you need to pay.

Ring us today and let’s discuss your security door options for better peace of mind.

Spare door parts in Bunbury?

front_doorYour door doesn’t open properly?

Does it squeak when you open it?

If your door is not in tip top condition, it can be frustrating every time you use it and you wish you could simply replace it. Plus, it can be very worrying. A faulty door means your security is at risk. What if intruders break in? When your door is damaged, your initial reaction is to have it replaced.

Is door replacement the only solution?

If you have a damaged door, don’t throw it out just yet.

Before giving up on your door and replace it with a new one, consider
having it repaired. Door repairs are less costly and can save you time and
money. A new door is often more expensive than repairing  your current  
one so you can save a bit of money.

Spare parts for your doorStainless steel mesh door

You’ve decided to repair your door. What now?

When it comes to repairing your door, you’ll probably need some spare parts. You might have to replace the door parts that are broken which are causing your door not to work properly. Sometimes, all it takes for your door to function at its best is a replacement of a part – even the smallest door part plays a role in making your door work like new again.

Having spare parts on hand is not only best for having your door repaired but they can also be great to have for your peace of mind. Your door is functioning well; you have spare parts at your disposal, what could possibly go wrong? When it does, you are prepared!

If you are looking for spare parts for your door, contact Aspired Aluminium & Glass. We are your local Bunbury dealer for a huge range of spare parts and we can post Australia wide.

We have everything that will suit your needs and requirements. Ring Aspired Aluminium & Glass now today at 9791 5500 for all your enquiries. We’re here to help you out.