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Can double glazing save you money on your energy bill?

double glazingThe need to save energy is eminent not only for your budget but for the planet as a whole. This prompts you to find ways on how you can save on your energy bill. Can double glazing save you money on your energy bill? Yes, absolutely!

Are double glazed windows efficient?

The amount of heat that enters and leaves of your home depends on the construction of your windows. Around 18-25 % of heat loss and gain occurs through your windows that are not energy efficient. A double glazed window is the answer to your problem. During winter, your home feels warmer and less heat is radiated out, saving you money of your heating costs.

In the hot summer months, the extra layer of the glass helps reduce the heat radiated into your home by the sun. You can increase your heat protection by installing blinds or heavy curtains further preventing the heat entering your home via the windows. With double glazing windows, cooler air is kept inside longer, keeping your home at a more comfortable temperature. No need to turn on the air conditioner.

What about its cost?

Aren’t double glaze windows expensive? Yes you will pay more than traditional glass but you will save money of your heating and cooling bills over the lifetime of the windows. Installing double glazed windows is a long term investment and will create a more comfortable home for you. Don’t worry because double glazed can last for 25 year or more – especially with proper care.

Plus, double glazed windows require less maintenance so that will save you money too.

Can double glazing save you money on your energy bill?

Double glazed windows should be installed in all houses because they do save you money on your energy bills.

Did you know that by having double glazed windows your home will also be quieter?

Aspired Aluminium & Glass have all your glass and aluminium requirements covered. We have a huge range of glass, windows and doors to suit your home perfectly.

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Choosing the best type of glass for your windows

double glazing windowsWindows can make or break a home’s thermal performance. If you use the wrong type of glass for your windows, you’ll end up with a big problem. Why because your windows can cause your home to overheating in summer and winter you will get a lot of heat loss. This doesn’t just cause you so much discomfort but can also double your energy bills!

The right glass for your window

Before you end up paying expensive bills and experience a lot of inconvenience, choose the right glass for your windows. This will allow you to have your windows perform at their optimum efficiency all year round.

Double glazing option

Do you have large single panes of glass in your home? Replacing them will make your home much more efficient.Double glazed windows means you can have your cake and eat it too, you won’t have to compromise on having your lovely view.

Double glazing means that each window compromises of two panels of glass which is separated by a spacer. Double glazed windows prevent heat transfer, helping to keep the hot air out in summer and the warm air in for winter. Double glazed windows are very good especially when you live in an area where there is a large temperature range of hot and or cold – such as the Australia where the weather can be extremely harsh.

Bi Fold Windows by Aspired Aluminium & Glass

Other window options

Windows come in different shapes and sizes which makes them perfect for removing hot air from your home in summer and allowing some airflow in winter without letting in the bitterly cold wind. When planning the position of your home and windows think about where the sun travels during summer and where the prevailing breezes come from. The correct positioning and the right windows in your home can make a huge difference to the temperature inside your home and your comfort level.

Windows for your needs

For more information about window efficiency and double glazed windows, contact Aspired Aluminium & Glass. We can discuss all your window needs and the options available plus we can even do the window installation for you, call us now on 9791 5500.

Be home comfortable in your home all year round and save money too.

Aspired Aluminium & Glass, tradesmen who really care!


Where can I buy round windows from?

custom_windowsLooking for a place to buy round windows? Aspired Aluminium & Glass are the professional manufacturers you are looking for.

Reasons to buy round windows from Aspired Aluminium & Glass:

  1. Custom made
  2. Large range
  3. Manufactured to Australian Standards

Custom made

Here at Aspired Aluminium we specialise in custom made windows to fit your requirements.  We can create whatever designs you need no matter what style you are looking for or how unique it is!

You can choose any shape you like including triangles, squares, hearts and even round.  We are professional manufacturers and provide high quality products that will last for many years to come. If you are looking for a feature window we can make it for you.

Large range

Unusual Shaped Windows Custom made by Aspired Aluminium & Glass

Want a specific window type to fit your home?  Your options are endless here at Aspired Aluminium & Glass as we offer you a variety of windows including awning, bi-fold, casement, double hung, louver, sliding windows  and feature windows to create that beautiful view from the inside out.

Manufactured to Australian Standards

No need to worry about the quality of your windows.  We guarantee you high quality Australian made windows to suit all weather conditions.

Having our windows manufactured in accordance with Australian Standards, provides peace of mind that you are buying the best quality. Our products will save you money for years to come as they are made from strong and durable materials guaranteeing windows that will last.

Where can I buy round windows from?

Aspired Aluminium & Glass is your best choice for windows.

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How to improve your windows energy efficiency

double glazing windowsYou want to have a comfortable temperature in your home, especially during winter?

You can! There are a lot of ways on how to do just that. However, are these methods, cost effective? Remember, it’s nice to feel warm during a chilly winter morning, but your energy bills might make you shiver to your bones.

Don’t like an expensive energy bills? It’s high time you consider improving your windows energy efficiency.

How to improve your windows energy efficiency

Your windows let in useful light and warmth during winter, but in warm weather (summer), the amount of heat can be too much. When in winter, a poorly insulated window can allow up to 40% of your warm air to leak out. This means one thing – you’ll be using more energy to keep your home warm during winter and cooler during the summer resulting in higher energy bills.

You can prevent it from happening. How? By improving your windows energy efficiency and here are some ways to achieve this:

  • Install double glazing or window film
  • Use energy efficient window frames
  • Cover up your windows by installing curtains

Install double glazing or window film

This will help check the heat in or out of your home, depending on the season and will also help in reducing the noise from outside too. Double glazing is very helpful, even in homes that are air conditioned. Your double-glazing will work properly depending on three things:

  • How it is installed
  • What type of window frames you are using
  • And the type climate you have

window by ASPIREDUse energy efficient window frames

For this, consider choosing aluminium frames. They are a good choice because they are energy efficient. When opened, these frames can encourage natural ventilation to enter your home and when closed; they are airtight preventing drafts. Preventing drafts will stop the outside elements entering your home through your window or letting all your hot air escape in winter.

Cover up your windows by installing curtains

Trap it in or lock it out!

You can prevent heat loss/gain if you install blinds or curtains to all your windows.

Stand outside your windows on a cold night and feel all the warm air rushing to meet you. Draw your new curtains and you will feel the difference. The difference in keeping that warm air in your home will save you so much money because you are not continually heating air just to have it disappear outside.

Choose curtains with heavy fabric, the heavier the fabric, the better. Heavy fabric gives you the best thermal protection. In summer if you draw your curtains early in the day you will prevent the sun entering your home and it’s easier to maintain your home’s temperature rather than having to cool it down all the time.

Blinds are a great choice to and can work really well for thermal control as well, especially in your bathroom or kitchen areas.

Follow these and you will have a comfortable home all year round with lower energy bills!

Need new windows or door, for your aluminium needs, contact Aspired Aluminium& Glass. Call us and we’ll be glad to assist you with your requirements.


Do you sell aluminium windows and doors?

Aluminium Innovations Hero DoorLooking for new windows or door? There are many benefits from buying aluminium windows and doors, like:

  • Thermal efficiency
  • Maximum security
  • Design flexibility
  • Low maintenance

That is why; many homeowners are shifting to using aluminium windows and doors no matter what style of home they have.

Aluminium window and doors for energy efficiency

When it’s hot, your aluminium window and doors can help in keep in cold air from the evening or your fans, making you feel comfortable in hot summer day without using your airconditioner. In the cooler months your windows can prevent the warm air from inside your home getting out and help regulate indoor temperature. Yes, they have better insulation and you can also open your windows to get the fresh air in when the temperature is right giving you the best of both worlds.Whatever the weather is outside, you can have a comfortable temperature inside your home.

Maximum security

Aluminium windows and doors come with a locking system that gives you peace of mind because your home is safe and protected. Most insurance companies now require mandatory window locks.

Design flexibility

The inherent strength and flexibility of aluminium means it can be manufactured to the exact specification and your window design is only limited is your imagination. With endless options for finishes, glass, systems, you can have the design you want. Aluminium windows  are great for tight spots, circles or unusual shapes.

Low maintenance

Aluminium is corrosion resistant which means you can expect it to last for really a long time without strict maintenance. Unlike any other materials, aluminium doesn’t swell, crack, split or warp over time.

Do you sell aluminium windows and doors?

Yes. Aspired Aluminium & Glass offers aluminium windows and doors. If you are in Bunbury or in the surrounding area, look no further than Aspired Aluminium & Glass is located in Bunbury. We also offer splashbacks, mirrors and glass and of course, windows and doors.

Contact Aspired Aluminium & Glass for all your aluminium needs or drop in to our showroom at 12 Denning RD Bunbury and we can go through your options.

What’s The Best Types of Window for Your House?

Centor Sliding DoorsWindows connect your home to the outside world. They can show you the beauty of nature, allow the breeze to home in, frame your view.

Gone are the days when all the windows in our houses had to be the same in every room. In today’s market, there are many window designs and styles that are manufactured to suit to your personal requirements.

Here are some types of window for your home:

Bi-fold Windows

These are a versatile window design with wider opening to give you maximum view of the outside of your house.  Bi fold windows give a very stylish appearance bringing that indoor / outdoor feel to your home. Of course they are available in wide range of colours, glass type and sizes to fit your need.

Sliding Windows

These are simple but elegant window design. Sliding windows of today are so much more than the traditional sliding window since the market nowadays is giving customers the option for a more modern configurationthat will enhance your entertaining area, dining room, lounge room or any room your choose.

Sliding windows are highly functional and durability comes with a style, always worth the money you pay, economical and practical. Sliding windows are classic and suits perfectly to almost every architectural style.

Louver Windows

Louver windows are great option for your house too. This design is versatile in a way that it gives you full control of the air flow coming to your house. It is great for every season of the year. During summer, you can simply open the upper section of the window to let the hot air out. What a bonus on those sticking hot days!

What types of window best suits you?

If you want to full control of the air flow, you can go with louvers. You can always have your views uninterrupted with fabulous bi-fold windows design. If you prefer a classic and at the same time classy look you can choose the sliding type. The choice is entirely yours.

Too hard to choose? Keep in mind that you can always have your windows custom made for your need. Call Aspired Aluminium & Glass today on 9791 5500, your Aluminium & Glass Professionals and experience the difference. Drop into our show room at 12 Denning Rd, Bunbury and we will be able to show you samples and you can see the difference in window types.

5 questions to ask your window contractor before hiring

Lourves windowsYou never realise the importance of hiring the right window contractor unless you’ve had your window replaced and had a poor result. Instead of getting a new, quality window, you end up having a new, but non-working window. Before you know it, you are calling up the window contractor, again.

Get it right the first time

Can’t afford to replace your windows multiple times in the next few months or have the hassle of fighting over warranties? If yes, it is time to make sure you get yourself the right window contractor. The best contractor won’t always be the cheapest out there, but the one that can provide you with long lasting, quality windows saving you money in the long run. Before hiring a window contractor, here are the top five questions to ask first.

1. What is the full name and address of the company?

Always ask for the company’s address. If possible, try to hire a local company that has an office nearby. That way, you can expect a quicker response time and if there is any sort of problem they are local and can help you fix it quickly.

bi-fold windows2. Do you have insurance?

A company should have comprehensive liability insurance and be correctly licensed (see next point). This is very important, especially when it comes to the safety of the company’s tradesmen while working. You can have some peace of mind knowing that you are not responsible for any accidents if anything was to happen.

3. Are you licensed?

Check that the company is licensed to operate in your area and has qualified tradesmen. You can also check with your local government authority for details. A contractor’s license is an indicator of their knowledge, experience and professionalism towards their job.

4. How long have they been in the business?

Needless to say, longer is better. There are newer businesses that may offer great services, but you must be careful when choosing. To be safe, work with a contractor that has been in the business long and see what they reputation is.

windows by Aspired5. Do you have references?

Ask if references are available and ask for photos of completed jobs. Or, you can request names and numbers of references you can call and ask for the contractor’s feedback from them.

5 questions to ask your window contractor before hiring

Follow the above guidelines when looking for a window contractor and you will be halfway there. Looking for a window contractor in Bunbury?

There is only 1 place to go – Aspired Aluminum & Glass.

Quality qualified tradesmen who care. Been in business forever but remember that customer service is paramount, ask our many repeat customers.

Contact Aspired Aluminum & Glass for all your window needs. We offer windows of all different kinds and also offer installation services. Ring us today and let’s discuss your window options.

Does a double glazed window reduce noise?

double glazing windowsNothing feels better than returning to a quiet home. After a hard day’s work, you can lie comfortably and chill. However, it might not be the case if you live in the city, near a busy road or if you have a noisy neighbourhood. Instead of getting frustrated over all the noise, why not install double glazed windows?

Double glazed windows are the answer!

If you are looking for a way to reduce the noise entering your home, start with your window first. A huge percentage of noise passes through your windows, so it is a good idea to upgrade them – choose a double glazed window. Double glazing is composed of two sheets of glass with a small gap between them. Unlike a standard window which is often just a single pane of glass, a double glazed window has a reputation for reducing noise by a significant percentage.

The main advantage of double glazed windows is its thermal insulation properties which allow your home to stay cool in the summer and stop heat from escaping in the winter. Imagine the money you can save on your heating bill!

Can it reduce noise?

Yes – absolutely. Double glazed windows provide acoustic insulation – blocking out noise from the outside. However, the level of noise reduced by double glazing your windows may vary – depending on the type of glazing you have installed. This being said a double glazed window is useful to homeowners living on a busy road or near the city.

Does a double glazed window reduce noise?

The answer is yes.

Indeed, double glazed windows are a great choice if you want to control the level of outside noise entering your home.

Do you think that your home needs double glazed windows? Contact Aspired Aluminium & Glass for all your glazing needs. We supply a wide range of windows, glasses and doors – talk to us today and let’s discuss your needs. Call Aspired Aluminium& Glass on 9791 5500, all our quotes are free.

4 signs it’s time to replace your windows

Stainless steel mesh windows doorsWith the summer heat coming, everyone’s talking about home improvement projects and renos. Have you thought about what’s yours? With so many things to do outside and so little time, you might feel pressured to undertake a project.

Consider replacing your windows

Summer is fun and you don’t want to spend it thinking about a possible home project that may take forever. Why not get new windows instead? New windows are easy and a great way to cut down on your air conditioning bill especially these hot summer days. Not to mention it can improve the comfort and the look of your home.

How do you know when your windows need replacing?

As much as you eager to have your windows replaced, you also want to make sure that you are replacing them because its time. Otherwise, you are just wasting your time, money and effort on windows that is still functional.

Here are 4 signs it’s time to replace your windows with a new one:

  • They leak
  • Visible condensation
  • Ongoing maintenance
  • Old, peeling paint

They leak

If there is a leak, chances are, your room can become too hot or cold which can increase your energy bills. If your windows leak, it is definitely time to replace them. Here are some signs that your windows may be leaking:

  • Drafts
  • A whistling sound on a windy day
  • Inconsistent room temperature
  • Water coming in from the outside

Visible condensation

With visible window fog, it’s hard to enjoy the view outside. A new window, especially the energy efficient windows is good at keeping cold air out and trapping warm air reducing the amount of window fog. A new window can be closed to prevent the hot summer air coming in during the day and opened to let the cool evening air in.

Ongoing maintenance

If you spend more of your time on hardware stores looking for window spare parts, invest in new windows. Your windows don’t need repair, but a replacement. A new window lets you enjoy the view instead of worrying about window maintenance.


Sometimes, you replace your windows because of old age, wood warped, paint peeling. With old age comes a lot of inconveniences and often a lack of security. Avoid all of these by replacing your windows.

Need to replace your windows? Whether you are currently looking for a new window or just want to see what’s available, contact Aspired Aluminium& Glass for all your window needs. We have a variety of window types and designs that will surely suit your taste. Ring us now for free measure and quote.

Are triple glazed windows worth the extra cost?

living roomTriple glazed windows are the latest trend in homes today. However, many homeowners are asking if the extra cost is worth it? What are the benefits of triple glazed windows? Purchasing a triple glazed window is a one-time purchase, and you can experience several benefits but is it worth it?

Upgrading your windows

If you want to upgrade your windows, you want to make sure you get the most out of your new windows, right? Therefore, it is only important that you check out the benefits of triple glazed windows first – especially because it will cost more than just an ordinary window. Here are a few benefits of getting triple glazed windows for your home:

Save on your heating bill

For harsh Australian climates, it is recommended that all windows should be at least double glazed to make the windows highly efficient. With triple glazed windows, homeowners can expect to save at least 2 to 3 percent of their heating bill compared to double glazed windows.

Reduce condensation

Triple glazed windows are excellent for insulation. During the colder months, a home with triple glazed windows installed can enjoy a higher indoor relative humidity. These windows also reduced cold drafts making them a good option for colder places. When it comes to windows, the better the insulation value of the windows, the higher the temperature of the interior glazing surfaces, the less likely vapour will condense.


In triple glazed windows as the name suggests you have 3 panels of glass, the extra pane glass naturally provides soundproofing. These windows provide you with a more peaceful environment inside your home, great for a perfect night sleep!

Are triple glazed windows worth the extra cost?

Yes – definitely! Purchasing triple glazed windows is a good addition to your home. They offer more energy efficient upgrade and provide excellent overall performance.

Want to have new windows installed in your home? Contact Aspired Aluminium & Glass for all of your window needs, we have a huge range of windows that are available in single glass panels, double glazed and triple glazed to suit your needs.. Ring Aspired Aluminium &Glass  today and let’s talk.